Vaezi Urges Traders to Focus on Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia

Vaezi Urges Traders to Focus on Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia
Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, visiting East Azerbaijan Province on the threshold of National Communications Day, participated in the session of Tabriz Chamber of Commerce.

The ICT Ministry’s PR department reports that Dr. Vaezi, speaking at Tabriz’s Chamber of Commerce, emphasized that the representatives of the people in the Parliament should be focused and well aware of both the national issues and their own provincial affairs, stating that: “East Azerbaijan MP’s have had a long history of being positively active, whether in the past or present, in both national and provincial affairs.”

He continued by saying that the government has its eyes on the East Azerbaijan Province, adding: “By studying various factors, East Azerbaijan has been chosen as the role model of ‘Resistance Economy’ because of its exemplary actions and positive impact of its efforts during the past two and a half years, and this clearly shows the capacities and potentials of this province.”

The ICT Minister, referred to the fact that Rouhani’s Government does not believe in state interference and top-down management, asserted that: “It is the private sector that can boost our economy toward further flourishment, and now we have the perfect opportunity to accomplish this.”

The co-chairman of three Joint Economic Commissions of Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkey in the government, emphasized on the great potentials of this province which has to be further developed in playing its rightful role in the post-sanctions era as well, expressed that: “Russia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan are very keen on close ties with East Azerbaijan Province, and none of their three Presidents has an issue with working with Tabriz, therefore everybody should be very appreciative of this great opportunity.”

He also underscored the accomplished negotiations in regard to automobile manufacture, tractor manufacture, pharmaceuticals production, and hospital construction, emphasizing that: “Turkey’s market has great environment for cooperation, and Russia is a major market as well, and our traders and businessmen should be highly considerate of establishing good working relations with these three nations.”

Vaezi mentioned that Russia has a $4.5 Billion market after severing its economic relations with Turkey, asserting that: “Putin is interested in replacing Turkey by Iran in the markets of Russia, and we believe that East Azerbaijan has a major and decisive role to play in this regard.”

May 29, 2016 12:08


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