Turkish Tourism Minister Meets Vaezi in Tehran

Turkish Tourism Minister Meets Vaezi in Tehran
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, in his meeting with the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, while discussing cultural and tourism related issues, assessed the positive effect of this sector in joint economic activities, and increasing cooperation in other areas of the two countries.

 Public Relation center of the Ministry reports that Dr. Vaezi, Minister of Communication and Information Technology, stated in his meeting with Mahir Ünal, the Culture and Tourism Minister of Turkey, that: “Our common backgrounds in history, religion, civilization, culture, literature, and geography can be the wonderful basis for  great many collaborations.”

Emphasizing that any economic activity has a cultural basis, our Communication Minister added that: “Growth and prosperity of culture and tourism requires numerous factors, with ‘security’ being one of the most essentials ones.”

He included: “Numerous regional crisis, the growth of ‘Takfirist’ extremism and fanatic mentalities which results in terrorism, aggressiveness and war, creates a fertile ground for establishment of Islam-Phobia in the west.”

Vaezi further elaborated that: “No country in the region will benefit from such a stance, or gain from the ensuing instability and loss of peace and harmony.”

Vaezi deemed the only solution for withdrawing from such a situation to be the determination of the regional nations, especially Iran and Turkey, in fighting this doctrine and its areas of expansion, explaining that: “Iran and Turkey have been good neighbors for 450 years without any conflict, border dispute, and warfare.”

The co-chairman of the Joint Economic Commission referred to Turkey’s vast experiences in the field of tourism and tourist attractions, stating that: “Iran is highly interested to pursue the subject of co-tourism with Turkey, and the introduction of the tourist attractions of Iran and Turkey to the world.”

Vaezi emphasized on the availability of foreign investment opportunities in various sectors in Iran, saying that: “Today, following the positive impact of nuclear negotiations and E5+1 agreement, favorable conditions for any foreign investments are prevailing in Iran, and in this regard, we have special considerations toward those countries who remained by our side during the sanctions era; Turkey is one of those nations.”

The ICT Minister highlighted the positive achievements of Dr. Rouhani’s trip to Turkey and the agreements made with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey’s President, expressing that: “The target set by the Presidents of the two countries was for achieving $30 Billion worth of economic and commercial transactions; and our actions in Iran-Turkey’s Joint Economic Commission are based on the same targeting, and it is also necessary that further investment and activity in the field of tourism and hospitality should be considered now in this goal-setting.”

Vaezi referred to the commencement of Iran-Turkey economic transactions in tourism sector, through the arrival of Turkish Investors in form of Union of Tourism Services Companies, stating that: “Investors from Turkish tourism sector are interested in hotel construction and management within the framework of the special program.”

Vaezi continued by mentioning the considerable number of Iranian visitors to Turkey, announcing that: “We have to create the required capacities and services for the welfare, security, and overall comfort of the travelers of both countries, establishing a proper equilibrium and positive balance in this area, preparing the necessary infrastructures to increase these types of visits.”

In the continuation of the meeting, Mahir Ünal, the Culture and Tourism Minister of Turkey, expressed pleasure for being in Iran and for the wonderful hospitality of Iranian officials, saying that: “The delegation which accompanied me to Tehran includes representatives from Turkey’s tourism and hospitality sector, such as trade unions, private and public sector firms, and financiers, all of which are busy meeting and negotiating with their Iranian counterparts.”

He included that: “I expect that these meetings and discussions between these representatives and Iranian officials will result in active presence and cooperation between Iranian and Turkish private sectors, and the establishment of a joint collaboration in cultural, tourism and hospitality areas.”

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister considered Iran a country with high potentials in Tourism industry, expressing that: “It is our expectation that through strong presence and investment of the Turkish private sector investors, and the establishment of the proper infrastructures, we will be able to present Iranian tourism and sight-seeing attractions to the whole world.”

He concluded that: “In this regard, the implementation of positive balance in tourist exchange between Iran and turkey, including cooperation in compound tourism, and the establishment and identification of both countries historical, cultural, and tourism potentials and capacities will result in considerable benefits for both parties and further development of bilateral relations in the tourism sector.”

May 21, 2016 13:17


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