Turkey’s Top Customs Official Meets Vaezi

Turkey’s Top Customs Official Meets Vaezi
Cenap Aşçı, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey, who is heading an official delegation to Tehran, has met with the Iranian co-chairman of the Joint Economic Commission, Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology.

 The ICT Ministry’s PR department reports that Cenap Aşçı, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade of the Republic of Turkey, who is in Tehran accompanied by a delegation, had a meeting with Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi,  co-chairman of the Joint Economic Commission, and Minister of Communication and Information Technology.

In this meeting, Dr. Vaezi referred to agreements signed in presence of the two Presidents, stating that: “We are pleased that bilateral relations between Iran and Turkey are progressing in many political, economic, cultural, and regional aspects, and we expect to achieve the objectives we have set for the future of our nations.”

He included that: “During recent months we have witnessed positive changes and developments in our bilateral relations, and we have to address the current minor obstacles to be able to reach our major objectives.”

The Iranian co-chairman of the Joint Economic Commission emphasized that: “One of the topics that were always raised in our economic discussions was the facilitation of customs services between Iran and Turkey; and fortunately, through our recent agreements, we are faced today with major steps in the right direction from both parties.”

The ICT Minister highlighted the development of the IT industry in Iran, expressing that: “With the help of this industry we were able to establish smart customs services. Also, establishing the ‘Unified Customs Portal’ has the full support of both countries, and it will result in smoother transits in customs checkpoints.”

Dr. Vaezi also stated other measures for facilitating and speeding things up in border transits, explaining that: “There are a number of procedures for addressing and removing these obstacles; the first step should be increasing the number of border transit points with Turkey and then, we should establish more entrance and exit gates at those border points.”

He referred to the fact that Iran and Turkey have set a $30 Billion trade goal for their transactions, stating that: “Iran and Turkey share a great number of historical and cultural backgrounds with each other, and this will help to quickly remove existing obstacles in trade relations.”

The ICT Minister underscored the importance of Information Technology and data exchange between the two countries, expressing that: “Data exchange in this world of ours has a very high importance, to the extent that in commercial transactions, it will hamper smuggling goods and illegal trade.”

The Turkish Deputy Minister and President of Turkey’s Customs Department, praised Dr. Vaezi for the considerable advancement of Iran’s ICT sector in the recent years, emphasizing that: “In my visit to IT center in the Customs Department, I realized the great progress made in the Unified Customs Portal, which clearly indicates the efforts of Iranian Communication Ministry.”

He referred to the necessity of facilitating and accelerating the transit procedures in the customs offices of Iran and Turkey, stating that: “Online data exchange can help us greatly in this regard.”

Aşçı concluded by introducing various customs projects, emphasizing that: “Quite soon we shall witness automatic queuing for vehicular traffic transit in the Customs of Iran and Turkey.”

May 16, 2016 15:07


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