ICT Minister and ITU Secretary-General Discuss Relations

ICT Minister and ITU Secretary-General Discuss Relations
Dr. Vaezi, the Iranian Minister for Communication and Information Technology, visiting Geneva for WSIS Forum 2016, met with International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Secretary-General, Mr. Houlin Zhao.

According to ICT Ministry’s PR center, during this meeting, Dr. Vaezi referred to the growth and development of cooperation between Iran and ITU, stating that: “Iran has been one of the very first countries officially joining International Telecommunication Union, and Iranian experts and technicians have a constant and effective presence in this union.”

Vaezi referred to the role of ICT in development of countries, saying: “Communication and Information Technology can be highly effective in creating new jobs, and can impact the countries’ belief about the power of the private sector and its development.”

Then, Houlin Zhao, ITU’s Secretary-General, referred to the positive and constructive role of the I.R. of Iran in technical and specialized conferences of the ICT sector and ITU’s activities, expressing that: “ICT sector’s experts and managers have an active presence when it comes to advancing global, regional, and national objectives, and the Union is also prepared to share its experience and technical and specialized services with Iranian experts and managers.”

Secretary-General of International Telecommunication Union included that: “The Telecom 2016 session is going to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, and I invite innovative and active Iranian companies right now to participate in this session.”

In this meeting, the topic of establishing the ‘Iranian Elite Center’ was also discussed and studied by relevant experts.

May 14, 2016 10:32


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