Dr. Vaezi Addresses WSIS 2016

Dr. Vaezi Addresses WSIS 2016
Dr. Vaezi, the Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology who is visiting Switzerland to participate in the largest annual global congregation of communication and information technology policy-makers in Geneva, has made an official speech in presence of Communication Ministers of attending countries in the summit.

 According to the Ministry’s Public Relation, in this formal speech, Dr. Vaezi, the ICT Minister and the representative of the government of I.R. of Iran in the session, emphasized on some of the important and effective factors on the current flow of development, including the role of the communication and information technology, saying that: “Economic and social development should be directed at strengthening peace and justice and alleviating felony and crime in human societies.”

He referred to the position and role of some countries in creating or destroying peace and stability and crime and law-breaking, saying that: “In this regard, all countries bear a heavy responsibility and a serious role, whether developed or developing.”

Highlighting the role of governments in internet governance, he said that: “Utilizing communication and information technology should bring about the realization of a science-oriented society and economy, cultural growth, scientific promotion, and alleviation of social gaps in societies and the economic flourishing.”

In continuation, he underscored the pioneer nature of ICT for growth and development of various societies, including Iran, expressing that: “The viewpoint of the I.R. of Iran toward the topic of ICT has been the same aforementioned pivotal and infrastructural role of this technology in the flow of development, and currently the developmental and infrastructural programs have directed this technology toward business prosperity and creation of jobs for the country’s young generation.”

Announcing that the development and progress of ICT is one of the principal priorities and policies of the government of ‘Wisdom and Hope’ and President Rouhani personally, the ICT Minister said that: “Based on this approach in the government, we managed to: domesticate procedures and activities in the ICT sector based on latest trends and technologies, import ICT-related science and know-how, provide country-wide 3G and 4G mobile network, increase internet users and the internet penetration rate, invest in rural communication and offer high-speed internet to most of Iranian villages, finalize and commence services based on National Information Network and e-Government, e-Education, e-Health, and also support for new ideas in content generation.”

Vaezi concluded by emphasizing the priority and importance of continuing this trend in the future programs of the country, offering facts about the overall operation and achievements of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

May 11, 2016 20:15


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