Vaezi Talks ICT with Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Industry

Vaezi Talks ICT with Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Industry
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, in his meeting with Erdal Bahçıvan, the Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, while discussing the outcomes of the Joint Economic Commission, asked for increasing cooperation in various industries with the Republic of Turkey.

 According to the Public Relation Center of the ICT Ministry, Dr. Vaezi stated in this meeting that: “Following the 25th session of Iran-Turkey’s Joint Economic Commission and the visit of Dr. Rouhani, a large delegation from the Istanbul Chamber of Industries, consisting of about 100 representatives from active corporations in various industries have arrived in Iran.” And he also added that, “The objective of this meeting is expanding economic relations in various industries of Iran and Turkey, and the diversity of these cooperation opportunities clearly indicate the positive trend of our bilateral relations.”

Referring to the economic position and importance of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Vaezi emphasized that: “By possessing %35 of Turkey’s mother industries and %60 of the country’s export, Istanbul plays a key role in Turkey’s economy, and both parties can utilize the existing capacity and potentials for economic growth in various industries.”

He also emphasized that: “Our main objective is to establish $30 Billion worth of economic and commercial transactions between Iran and Turkey, and the banks of both nations are going to play a decisive role in achieving this goal.”

Dr. Vaezi included: “We expect Turkish banks to commence banking operations very swiftly, entering commercial and economic interactions with Iranian banks, and to play their role as instigators of commercial activities.”

The ICT Minister referred to Turkey’s presence and involvement in ICT related projects, stating that: “Through expansion of bilateral cooperation, all activities and collaborations of the two countries should increase in this sector; and the ICT Ministry is going to fully support private sector activities in this field.”

In the continuation of this meeting, Erdal Bahçıvan, the Chairman of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, referred to the meetings held with Iranian officials after the conclusion of the Joint Economic Commission, and the meeting between the Presidents of the two countries, stating that: “This is the best opportunity for expanding economic collaborations between Iran and Turkey and we have arrived here with a delegation consisting of representatives from 70 major Turkish economic corporations, to witness the realization and execution of the agreements made between the two countries.”

He referred to the cancellation of unjust sanctions against Iran, expressing that: “During the sanctions era, Turkey accepted any risks in establishing bilateral relations with Iran.”

He also concluded by mentioning cooperation in the field of communication and information technology, stating that: “Future progress solely depends on ICT technology, and we are ready to cooperate with private sectors of both countries to establish an electronic town in Iran, similar to the one constructed in Istanbul.”

May 7, 2016 12:38


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