Iran, Azerbaijan Boost ICT Cooperation

Iran, Azerbaijan Boost ICT Cooperation
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology met with his Azeri counterpart, discussing increasing cooperation in the fields of communication, satellite technology, post services, and Post-Bank.

 According to the Public Relation Center of the ICT Ministry, at the last day of his visit, Dr. Vaezi met with Mr. Ramin Guluzade, the Minister of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

At this meeting, the parties discussed the importance of Information Technologies and its position in the global development of countries, especially the communication sector of Iran and Azerbaijan, emphasizing on the need for increasing bilateral communication and establishing stronger security measures.

The ICT Minister presented a report in this session covering the scientific and research capacities of the I.R. of Iran in IT and ICT sectors, and also collaboration in space and satellite industries, while requesting closer cooperation and exchange of experiences and achievements between the two countries in view of the involvement of the top officials and management of both nations in developing relations in all sectors and dimensions, stating that: “Since the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the main routes for data and voice transit, it is very important and necessary to further coordinate efforts and to decrease our independence on third parties as much as possible.”

The Iranian Communication Minister further elaborated on the subject of frequency interference involving mobile networks, audio and video, and radio and TV, expressing that: “By the agreements made in our negotiations, we have studied these interferences and with the help of experts from both nations we shall reduce it to the minimum possible level.”

The parties in this meeting also agreed to share and hold discussion sessions of experts in various fields and areas of IT, post services, and Post-Bank.

Dr. Vaezi concluded that: “One of the best measures for sharing experience and expertise and also national capabilities, is to regularly participate in specialized exhibitions held annually in both countries, and also promote and support the private sector for more active presence in each other’s markets.”

May 7, 2016 12:30


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