ICT Minister Meets Azeri Agriculture Minister

ICT Minister Meets Azeri Agriculture Minister
Following the meetings and visits of Dr. Vaezi, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, and co-chairman of the Joint Economic Commission, he also had a meeting with Heydar Asadov, the Agriculture Minister of Azerbaijan Republic.

 Based on Communication Ministry’s PR report, following the meetings of Dr. Vaezi in Azerbaijan, the Co-chairman of the Joint Economic Commission visited Heydar Asadov, the Azeri Minister of Agriculture in Baku, discussing topics of mutual interest.

In this meeting, Vaezi expressed pleasure for the agreements made during the past couple of years between the Agriculture Ministers of the two countries in regard to livestock, veterinary cooperation, and especially vegetation protection, saying that: “Iran is an advanced country in regard to producing all types of agricultural products due to the climate and regional variety, and it can produce these agricultural goods with modern technology in vast quantities, both for local and also regional consumption.”

He also described the expansion of cooperation between the two countries in various fields, especially agriculture, stating that: “Our country can share its experiences in various areas, especially in agriculture, with Azerbaijan and other countries.”

Dr. Vaezi also emphasized that: “Considering the future visit of the Iranian Agriculture Minister, who has been officially invited by his Azeri counterpart; in this visit, various topics and subjects will be discussed in regard to agricultural products, livestock, fishery, joint agriculture in rental lands, and optimum usage of joint water resources through excellent programming.

The Iranian chairman of the Joint Economic Cooperation Commission, while stressing on the capabilities of Iran in agriculture, livestock, and in spite of the decreased precipitation during recent years, stated that: “One of the fundamental policies of Dr. Rouhani’s government is increasing the production rate of agricultural goods in Iran, self-sufficiency from agricultural needs and, planning to help certain Iranian products to enter regional markets.

May 2, 2016 09:58


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