Azeri Prime Minister Meets Dr. Vaezi

Azeri Prime Minister Meets Dr. Vaezi
Following the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the Azerbaijan Republic, Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, and co-chairman of the Joint Economic Commission, met and discussed topics of mutual interest with Artur Rasizade, the Azeri Prime Minister.

 In this meeting, the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan Republic while emphasizing on the determination of the Azeri government and nation on expanding mutual relations and interests for both countries, including the increasing connection of infrastructural resources to each other like the commencement of the joint railway project, stated that: “Many other countries are going to benefit from this important joint project in the coming years, beside Iran and Azerbaijan.”

While congratulating Dr. Vaezi upon the receipt of Azerbaijan government’s ‘Friendship’ Order, he also commended and praised his constant follow-up on the topics of mutual interest, then referring to the recent crisis in Karabakh, thanked the viewpoints and position of the I.R. of Iran.

Dr. Vaezi, in his turn, presented a report of the agreements made during just the three years since the start of the 11th government and the regular meetings of the two Presidents, especially regarding joint investments, stating that: “The volume of the relations show a considerable increase during this year, and fundamental projects between Iran and Azerbaijan are speedily reaching their final stage one after the other.”

Dr. Vaezi also referred to the stability and security of the two countries in the middle-east region, relating them to the wisdom, capability and the viewpoints of the two countries, and also their reaction to the phenomena of terrorism and extremism.

He emphasized that: “Extensive cooperation between the two countries can have a great impact on the method of fighting against the insecurity crisis created by terrorists.”

Dr. Vaezi continued by expressing his hopefulness in regard to the recent crisis between Azerbaijan and Armenia, saying: “I expect a solution to be found for this crisis, through dialogue and peaceful negotiation, with adherence to justice and impartiality, and by returning the affected refugees to their homeland.”

He expressed his sorrow for the massacre of innocent people of the country, saying that: “Iran is fully prepared to play its role in this area and like always, will remain by Azerbaijan’s side.”

The ICT Minister stated his pleasure at the constant progress of relations and close cooperation between the two countries, officially inviting the Azeri Prime Minister to travel to Iran, for further expansion of bilateral cooperation.

May 1, 2016 12:05


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