Joint Commission Document Paves the Way for Iran and Turkey

Joint Commission Document Paves the Way for Iran and Turkey
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, while describing the achievements of participating in the 25th session of Iran-Turkey Joint Economic Commission, expressed that: “The document of the Joint Economic Commission is the roadmap for Iran and Turkey in the coming year.”

 The ICT’s Public Relation reports that at the sidelines of Dr. Vaezi’s meeting with the Estonian Foreign Minister, he addressed a group of reporters regarding the outcomes of his visit to Turkey and participating in the 25th session of Iran-Turkey Joint Economic Commission, asserting that: “During Thursday and Friday, we had non-stop meetings with the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Commerce, Minister of Economy, Transportation, Communization, Development and also the Governor of the Turkish Central Bank.”

He expressed that: “During this trip we managed to realize most of our objectives, especially in consideration of the positive environment of the talks and the goal-setting of both Presidents for reaching $30 Billion worth of trade exchange.”

Vaezi referred to the outcomes of his visit, saying: “The very first major decision was finding solutions for the existing obstacles in various subjects such as banking, customs, transportation, and investment in these areas; fortunately on this trip, most of the  banking obstacles were removed, allowing Mellat Bank to commence its operations in Turkey.”

The ICT Minister added that: “During these meetings both sides emphasized on expanding the customs capacities, and in regard to transportation, it was agreed that Iranian and Turkish officials will visit and inspect the major border points, to identify existing obstacles; something that was also accomplished successfully.”

He mentioned the presence of 50 Iranian private sector businessmen on this visit and their meeting with the Turkish private sector, stating that: “In the final document of the Joint economic Commission, establishing closer ties between neighboring Iranian and Turkish border provinces was particularly emphasized.”

Vaezi considered the final document of the Joint Economic Commission as a 1-Year roadmap for Iran and Turkey’s relations, further elaborating that: “We have decided to arrange a meeting attended by transportation officials of both nations in air, marine, land, and railroad sectors, to deal with the existing obstacles so that the second railroad which heads to Europe from Iran, can be developed and expanded.”

Vaezi also expressed that: “At the end of this visit, we signed three cooperation deals and agreements within the framework of the Joint Economic Cooperation Commission; the first one was signed by myself; the banking cooperation, also was signed by myself and my Turkish counterpart; and the private sector agreement was signed by a member of our Chamber of Commerce with his Turkish counterpart.”

At the end of the news conference he asserted that: “This trip was a preparatory step for the weekend visit of President Rouhani, who is going to travel to Istanbul to participate in the Islamic Conference Heads of State session, where, God-willing, a full day of bilateral talks have been arranged for taking further positive and constructive steps in this direction.”

Apr 24, 2016 09:32


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