Dr. Vaezi Meets Estonian Foreign Minister

Dr. Vaezi Meets Estonian Foreign Minister
In a meeting with the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marina Kaljurand, Dr. Vaezi emphasized on joint cooperation in the field of e-Governance.

The Public Relation department of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology reports that Dr. Vaezi referred to the removal of the sanction and the implementation of the nuclear agreement in Iran, highlighting the necessity of economic relations in the fields of knowledge and information technology, adding that: “We expect to benefit from all potentials and capacities, in the foreign relations of Iran with the rest of the world.”

The Iranian Communication Minister stressed that: “We are fully prepared to expand our cooperation with Estonia and its private sector in the fields of ICT, post services, R&D, space industries, e-Governance, and also e-Commerce.”

He asserted that: “During the past three years the economic relations between Iran and Estonia have been gradually developing and we have to make more effort to expand the cooperation opportunities.”

He referred to the meeting of the Estonian Minister with the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, saying: “Since Iran and Estonia do not have embassies in each other country, establishment of a joint chamber in the private sector can help the expansion of the commercial relations of the two countries.”

The ICT Minister referred to the fact there is going to be negotiations and discussions during this trip for signing an agreement on supporting bilateral investments, adding that: “Trade transactions between our countries has grown 5.2 times in 2014 compared to 2013, and last year this trade volume grew up to 10 times more than its previous year.”

Stating that the current trade volume between Iran and Estonia has reached $15 Million, he expressed that: “In two areas of R&D, and the service sector, there are opportunities for joint cooperation.”

In this meeting, the Estonian Foreign Minister underscored the IT activities in her country, stating that: “Some examples of successful e-Governance in our country are the issuance of digital ID cards, medical data center for citizens, tax system, etc., with top security, ease of access, and comprehensive coverage in Estonia.”

He further elaborated: “We are ready for cooperation with Iranian Universities and academic centers, in IT and cyber security sectors.”

The Foreign Minister of Estonia included that: “In our country, all administrative, medical, and educational activities are done in paperless format within the e-government framework, and we offer proper services to 1.3 Million Estonians.”

He also referred to the close relationship between the government, universities, and manufacturers in the field of information technology and communication, in Estonia, saying: “In this sector the Estonian universities are very active and they possess good experiences.”

The Estonian Minister also referred to some of the experiences of his country in ICT, stating that: “Estonia is prepared to present these experiences to the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Apr 24, 2016 09:29


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