Dr. Vaezi Meets Turkish Central Bank Governor

Dr. Vaezi Meets Turkish Central Bank Governor
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology met with the Turkish Minister of Development and the Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey, on Friday, April 15th.

 According to our PR department, in continuation of Dr. Vaezi’s official visits and meetings with Turkish officials, at the sidelines of the 25th session of the Joint Economic Commission held in Ankara, he also met with Mr. Erdem Başçı, Republic of Turkey’s Central Bank Governor, and representatives from state and public banks in Turkey.

In this meeting, which took place in presence of Cevdet Yilmaz, the Turkish Minister of Development, the Turkish party referred to the opportunities risen in the post sanction era and the removal of the related obstacles, announcing that: “The Central Bank of Turkey is ready for cooperation to hasten the facilitation of banking relations and monetary exchanges between the two countries.”

He expressed that: “In such an environment, it is essential to have an increased presence of Turkish banks in the trade relations of the two countries, and also establishment of the branches of Iranian banks in Turkey.”

The Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey stated that: “We have regular contacts, cooperation, and negotiations with the Central Bank of Iran, and we are currently working on further coordination to improve cooperation and to establish normal banking relations.”

He further elaborated that: “Fortunately Mellat Bank of Iran is active in Turkey, and the SWIFT limitation has been removed for this bank.”

He asserted that: “In regard to the establishment of new Iranian banks, and considering the new situation and environment, we are simply waiting to receive their applications.”

In this meeting, Dr. Vaezi emphasized on the important role of the commencement of active and normal banking relations at all levels, including state and public banks, in the development of economic relations between the two countries, saying: “We welcome the development and expansion of banking relations between our two nations.”

He expressed that: “Fortunately the sanctions era is over and done with in Iran and our banking system is ready to participate in bilateral cooperation.”

He further commented that: “Until the date when banking instruments are fully utilized and necessary banking facilities provided for the private sector; and also essential guarantees are provided for the investors of both sides, we cannot expect to reach the trade volume targets set by our high-ranking officials.”

During this meeting there were representatives present from Turkish and Iranian banks, including the Central Bank of Iran and Saderat Bank; and it was agreed that the details of these collaborations will be extensively evaluated and finalized.

Apr 20, 2016 10:58


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