25th Session of Iran-Turkey Joint Commission to Be Held In Ankara

25th Session of Iran-Turkey Joint Commission to Be Held In Ankara
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology is going to visit Turkey, to participate in the 25th session of I.R. of Iran and Turkey’s Joint Commission for Economic, Commercial, and Cultural Cooperation, to be held in Ankara from April 7-9.

The Ministry’s Public Relation Center reports that Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, the Iranian ICT Minister and the co-chairman of the Joint Economic Cooperation Commission, is attending this session heading a delegation of representatives from economic, industrial, commercial, financial and cultural sectors, and also from private corporations.

Based on this report, in this session, Iran and Turkey are going to sign the comprehensive cooperation document in all the above-mentioned sectors, including other agreements in finance and banking relations.

The 25th session is being held at a time when following the visit of Ahmet Davutoğlu, Turkey’s Prime-Minister to Tehran last March, and Turkey’s internal developments, a whole new chapter of developments in economic, industrial, and all aspects of bilateral relations are already on the agenda.

The Republic of Turkey, as the transit route for Iranian goods to Europe and as a huge market for Iranian exports, including oil and gas, is considered one of the major commercial partners of Iran. On the other hand, the topic of mutual investment in various fields such as industry, infrastructure, transportation, tourism and the domestic Iranian market, has all created considerable attraction for Turkey.

Iranian and Turkish officials are earnestly pushing to achieve the target of $30 Billion ceiling in trade volume between the two countries, in spite of the recent setbacks in bilateral economic and commercial relations which occurred last year.

At the sidelines of this session, Dr. Vaezi will also meet a number of high-ranking Turkish officials and also Ministers.

It is mentionable that next Saturday, in the Turkish city of Konya, and chaired by the ministers of the Joint Economic Commission, the Konyan Chamber of Commerce’s private sector session will be held attended by representatives from Iranian private sector, where the main topic will be studying and identifying the best approaches for accelerating and facilitating private sector dealings and relations.

Apr 13, 2016 13:26


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