Minister of Communication Meets Turkish Prime Minister

Minister of Communication Meets Turkish Prime Minister
On his trip to Republic of Turkey, Dr. Vaezi visited Ahmet Davutoğlu, and had a constructive meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey.

According to the Public Relation Center of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, following the meetings of Dr. Vaezi in Turkey, this afternoon he arrived to visit the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Ahmet Davutoğlu.

Dr. Vaezi, who is in Ankara to participate in the new session of Iran-Turkey’s Joint Economic Cooperation Commission, while recalling the overall topics and activities of the two countries in economic, cultural, commercial, industrial, and tourism sectors, expressed that: “Last month, the official visit of the Turkish Prime Minister to Tehran, and his meetings with our President and also with Dr. Jahangiri during the Tehran-Ankara Talks, opened up a whole new chapter in development of relations of the two countries.”

He also included that: “Through new and innovative approaches in our relations we can elevate the level of economic relations between the two countries, and make the most use of the idle capacities in our relationship.”

Dr. Vaezi continued by highlighting the importance and the position of Turkey in the relations of the two countries, and the major capacities of Iran in providing the requirements of Turkey in the Energy Sector, and other goods and products of our country; inviting the Turkish party to actively participate in the infrastructure sectors of Iran as an investor.”

Dr. Vaezi stressed that: “In consideration of this new approach in relations, we can actively collaborate through joint investment and establishment of joint industries for those groups of products that have a market in Iran and Turkey, and which can also be exported to other markets.”

The ICT Minister also referred to the necessity of developing cooperation in banking, transportation, and tourism sectors between Iran and Turkey, requesting that: “Hopefully, at the current session of the Joint Commission we can discuss and remove the export obstacles of some groups of Iranian goods and products.”

In his turn at this meeting, Mr. Davutoğlu welcomed the early holding of the Joint Economic Commission, stating his satisfaction over the outcomes of his recent trip to Tehran, and expressed his pleasure of that visit, to be conveyed to President Rouhani and Dr. Jahangiri for the results and decisions made that time, and hoped that: “The bodies and organizations of both countries, especially the private sector, can review and realize the designated objectives of their people, benefitting from the outcomes and achievements of the efforts of the two countries.”

He also emphasized that: “Turkey is prepared to play his part in joint investment in various sectors, including the Tourism Industry.”

Apr 13, 2016 13:27


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