Novak, Vaezi Discuss Bilateral Cooperation

Novak, Vaezi Discuss Bilateral Cooperation
The Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology and the Head of Iran-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission, in his meeting with Alexander Novak, the Russian Energy Minister, and the other Head of the Joint Economic Cooperation Commission, discussed increasing cooperation levels and the subject of the previous agreements.

According to the Public Relation Center of the ICT Ministry, during this meeting, Dr. Vaezi commented positively regarding the outcomes of the negotiations, saying: “We had extensive talks and discussions regarding the outcomes of the 12th session of the Joint Commission, and also the agreements made between our Presidents.”

Emphasizing the safeguarding and further development of bilateral relations with Russia, he expressed that: “The relations between our nations are constantly growing and expanding, and we are interested to have Russia in our infrastructural projects by the removal of the sanctions.”

Dr. Vaezi included: “Last year we made an agreement to implement two projects of Garmsar-Incheh Borun Railroad and the Bandar-Abbas Power Station, aided with a $2.5 Billion credit line from Russia, and we are currently making good progress on their negotiations.”

The ICT Minister reported of a meeting held in Baku between Transport Ministers of Iran, Russia, and Azerbaijan regarding Astara-Rasht Railroad Project, adding that: “Negotiations are underway to finalize investment for its construction.”

Dr. Vaezi referred to the huge Russian market in regard to agricultural, dairy, and poultry products, saying that: “Russia likes see Iran become active in these areas, and to this end, it has been decided to lower the related tariffs; and based on the ongoing negotiations between the private sector and the Ministry of Agriculture of both countries, we are going to witness increasing collaborations in this regard.”

He highlighted the eagerness and interest of the Russian side in developing and increasing communication between Iran and Russia’s provinces, adding that: “To establish provincial relations between Iran and Russia, there will be a conference held in Astrakhan, attended by the private sector representatives from both nations.”

The Iranian Communication Minister, referring to the ongoing negotiations covering oil, gas, and electricity sectors, stated that: “The Russian Energy Minister is going to meet the Ministers of Petroleum, Power, and Roads and Urban Development today, to discuss topics of mutual interest.”

He emphasized the expansion of tourism industry between two countries, including that: “We expect that within the framework of the agreement for facilitating visa issuance, the existing obstacles are alleviated and the proceedings are facilitated for both the tourists and the drivers.”

At the conclusion, Dr. Vaezi emphasized the growing relations between Iran and Russia from political, scientific, commercial and industrial aspects, hoping that: “I expect to see the expansion of relations between these two neighboring countries in near future.”

Apr 3, 2016 10:14


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