Dr. Vaezi Meets Bulgaria’s Communication Minister

Dr. Vaezi Meets Bulgaria’s Communication Minister
Concurrently with the commencement of the 18th session of Iran-Bulgaria’s Joint Economic Commission, Dr. Vaezi met and negotiated with the Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications.

According to Public Relation Center of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, following this meeting, Dr. Vaezi addressed reporters and the media, referring to the history of wonderful relation between Iran and Bulgaria in the past, saying: “Iran and Bulgaria have enjoyed a good level of political, economic and cultural relations, which unfortunately met a decline in the recent years.”

Referring to the positive atmosphere of today’s meeting, he included that: “Our main topic of discussion today was finding common grounds for developing and expanding bilateral relations.”

Dr. Vaezi also reported of the commencement of banking relations, activation of Iran-Europe transport corridor via Bulgaria, and increasing private sector cooperation between the two countries, saying that: “Fortunately, there are good opportunities of cooperation between Iran and Bulgaria in the ICT sector, and at the moment, Post officials from both parties are currently in negotiation for expanding bilateral collaborations.”

The Iranian ICT Minister also mentioned other cooperation opportunities between the two countries in telecommunications, internet, and research and development sectors, expressing that: “After this visit, we are expecting an increase in the level of bilateral cooperation in the field of ICT and especially between the private sectors of both countries.”

Ivaylo Moskovski, the Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, also expressed pleasure at his negotiations with the Iranian ICT Minister, saying: “Today’s talks were truly constructive, especially that we managed to quickly pinpoint possible areas of cooperation and come to a mutual agreement.”

Stating that he envisions bright future for bilateral relations of Iran and Bulgaria, he included that: “I hope that we shall witness no further gaps in our relationship.”

The Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications underscored Iran-Bulgaria’s Joint Economic Commission as a new foundation for further development and expansion of mutual economic and commercial cooperation, expressing that: “We are going to do our very best to get our level of relations back to what it was before the lapse.”

It should be mentioned that Iran-Bulgaria’s Joint Economic Commission has commenced operations after a seven year interval, chaired by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development.

Mar 26, 2016 12:29


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