Iran-Russia Expand Collaboration in Customs and Trade

Iran-Russia Expand Collaboration in Customs and Trade
Sergey Levin, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, in his meeting with The Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology, asked for increasing cooperation in customs sector and facilitation of commercial cooperation between Iran and Russia.

The ICT Ministry’s PR department reports that this afternoon, Sergey Levin, the Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture, met with Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, accompanied by a delegation of various Russian organizations; in this meeting he presented a report of the latest situation of bilateral relations between the two countries regarding exchanging agricultural, farming, cattle and poultry products, and also the existing conditions of commercial and customs relations.
The Russian Deputy Minister, stating that we have reached the stage where we have to start implementing our mutual agreements, expressed that: “Since discussing the required goods and products, we have come to this conclusion to create a green corridor, in order to facilitate commercial exchange with Iran.”
He also referred to the signing of three cooperation agreements with the Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding that: “At the moment, the representatives of other Russian organizations are negotiating with their Iranian counterparts, in order to initiate this corridor as soon as possible.”
The Agricultural Deputy Minister went on to say: “To expand bilateral commercial relations, it would be a constructive idea to group Iranian private sector companies to further facilitate export-related activities.”
Stating that the Green Corridor gets established based on mutual trust, he said that: “We would like to see an information exchange between the customs departments of both countries, to lower expenses and transit time for customs clearance.”
In the continuation of the meeting, Dr. Vaezi referred to the efforts of the Iranian side to expand the aspects of relations with the Russian Federation, stating that: “The establishment of a joint electronic database for Customs Services and information exchange can positively impact export and commerce between the two nations.”
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology stressed that: “By establishing a green corridor, we shall see an increase in the growth rate of commercial and trade relations of the two countries; something that will also positively impact other export products.”
He also emphasized on the importance of diversifying transportation between the two countries by sea, air, and road transport, underlining that: “During the recent visit of the Russian President to the I.R. of Iran, cooperation between neighboring provinces of Iran and Russia was emphasized and the topic of cooperation between these provinces were highlighted as the most essential subjects for these cooperation.”
Dr. Vaezi included that: “The joining of the railway networks of the two countries, through completion of Iran’s Astara-Azerbaijan route can have a decisive role in commerce between Iran and Russia.”
In this meeting, the Russian Party expressed his country’s interest in utilizing the Islamic Republic of Iran as a transit route for exporting his goods and products via Persian Gulf.
At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Vaezi stated that: “Because of the firm decision of both countries officials, the leaders of the both nations will meet more regularly from now on, considering the importance of the topics under discussion and the need for constant follow-up.”

Mar 15, 2016 13:45


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