Russian First Deputy Minister Calls Dr. Vaezi

Russian First Deputy Minister Calls Dr. Vaezi
Igor Shuvalov, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation, speaking on the phone with the Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology, asked for further follow-ups on the topics discussed during Vladimir Putin’s visit to Tehran

According to Ministry’s PR department, this afternoon, during a telephone conversation, Mr. Igor Shuvalov, the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation, inquired after the outcomes of Mr. Putin’s trip to Tehran and also the outcomes of the Joint Economic Commission’s session in Moscow this November, from Mahmoud Vaezi, the Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology, who simultaneously is the head of Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission.
In this phone conversation, the Russian party expressed pleasure for the progress of bilateral relations between Iran and Russia in all areas, especially the preparation of the infrastructures for economic and commercial ties, including the documentation related to the promotion and support of bilateral investment, and also the topic of the $2 Billion credit line of Russia for Iran, while informing of the decision of the Russian government for increasing import in consumer goods, food stuff, livestock and poultry, construction materials, and also pharmaceuticals from Iran to Russia.
The Russian First Deputy Prime Minister also stated that his country firmly intends to regulate the commercial rates for those trade goods being imported from Iran, during the next session of Eurasia Union that is being held in one month.
He also reported of the imminent visit of Agricultural Ministry and Customs Department officials to Tehran, for the necessary negotiations and preparations.
Dr. Vaezi also referred to the progresses made in bilateral relations of two countries during recent months, emphasizing on the necessity of utilizing all the potential capacities existing in the two nations for increasing the trade volume, and asked for an alleviation of administrative and bureaucratic obstacles.
In this telephone conversation, the Communication Minister expressed that the strengthening of banking and customs collaborations can positively impact this trend.
He emphasized on the positive aspects of facilitating visa issuance through an agreement made by both governments in establishment of regular flights to southern provinces of Russia and also establishment of regional commissions for exporting those types of trade goods which require air shipping; also referring to the necessity of facilitating travel for traders and merchants of both countries.
At the end of this interchange, it was agreed that the heads of the Joint Economic Commission shall constantly monitor the progress rate of the agreements and contracts, and inform each other of the results and outcomes of the bilateral cooperation.

Mar 12, 2016 09:00


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