Dynamic Impact of Iran-Azeri Joint Economic Commission

Dynamic Impact of Iran-Azeri Joint Economic Commission
Dr. Rouhani stated in the joint session of Iran and Azerbaijan’s high-ranking delegations that: “The Joint Economic Cooperation Commission of Iran and Azerbaijan is actively participating in continuous development of bilateral cooperation between two countries.”

According to ITC’s Public Relation Center, reporting from the Presidential Information Center, Dr. Hassan Rouhani emphasized on the strategic nature of Iran-Azeri relations based on present regional conditions, stating during Tuesday’s meeting of Iran and Republic of Azerbaijan’s high-ranking delegations, that: “Fortunately, Iran and Azerbaijan’s Joint Economic Cooperation Commission is actively and vigorously participating in further growth and development of these collaborations; and must continue to do so by identifying all capacities and potentials in all sectors, utilizing them for further strengthening of bilateral cooperation.”

Dr. Rouhani emphasized on the necessity of benefitting from the post-sanctions era for further strengthening of mutual collaborations, asserting that: “In the post-sanction era, the top priority is strengthening and developing relations with neighbor countries.”

The President referred to the continuous support of Azerbaijan Republic from the nuclear positions and rights of the Iranian people, saying that: “The principal policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is defending its neighbor countries; and the safeguarding of their overall territories and close cooperation with those nations are highly important for us.”

Dr. Rouhani condemned and dismissed the interference of foreign nations in internal affairs of other countries through various excuses including human rights, and added that: “Today we are faced with dual standards of the west regarding the topic of human rights, and we have to make efforts that in dealing with regional issues and their solutions, common logic and rationality is utilized.”

The President emphasized on the fact that Iran and Azerbaijan have common views in regard to major issues revolving around the security and the stability of the region, referring to the necessity of developing tripartite and multilateral collaborations in the region, also underscoring their benefits for strengthening peace, friendship, and stability.

Head of the Supreme Council of National Security asserted that: “From the viewpoint of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Caspian Sea is a sea of friendship with our neighbors, and we have had good bilateral negotiations for expanding joint collaborations; and if we continue these talks we will surely reach good agreements beneficial to the interests of both parties.”

Dr. Rouhani referred to the preparedness of Iran for joint investment with Azerbaijan, especially in Free Trade Zones, stating that: “We hope that by the end of 2016, we will be able to join the rail network of Iran and Azerbaijan from the Astara point; something which will greatly impact the development process of the North-South Corridor, transit in the region, and bilateral relations of the two countries.”

The President stressed on the necessity of developing cultural relations between Iran and Azerbaijan, adding that: “Both nations wish for strengthening of merciful and benevolent Islam, brotherhood and friendship; and we shall move along this path together.”

Dr. Rouhani went on to say that: “Islam is totally against extremism and violence, and Islamic nations should be harbingers of benevolent message of Islam, both for themselves and for other nations.”

The President recalled that the culture and civilization of Iran and Azerbaijan share the same roots, saying: “The I.R. of Iran sees no limits to the extent of expanding collaborations, and overall strengthening of relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan.”

Dr. Rouhani also emphasized on other subjects and topics, such as development of tourism between both countries, joint bilateral efforts for safeguarding the environment, fighting pollution in the Caspian Sea, expansion of shipping and marine activities, and utilizing the potentials and capabilities of this sea.

Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan Republic, also expressed his pleasure in this session for visiting Iran once again, and commented on the excellent and glorious progress of bilateral relations, expressing that: “Iran and Azerbaijan have made considerable progress in expanding relations, and the top officials of both countries are constantly looking for measures to strengthen and deepen these relationship at all levels and sectors.”

The Azeri President also commented on the excellent level of political, economic and cultural relations between the two nations, stating that: “Our common history and culture, has firmly established a strong bond between Iran and the Azerbaijan Republic that is inseparable.”

Mar 5, 2016 12:36


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