Mehri Reports of Iran-Austria Postal Cooperation

Mehri Reports of Iran-Austria Postal Cooperation
Managing Director of Iranian Post Company, in his meeting with the Chief Financial Officer of Austria Post, emphasized on bilateral postal cooperation between Iran and Austria, and said: “We welcome Austria’s successful experiences in various fields of postal service.”

According to ICT’s Public Relation report, Mr. Eng. Mehri, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Iranian Post Company, has met with Mr. Walter Oblin, Chief Financial Officer of Austria Post.

In this meeting, Mehri expressed readiness for developing bilateral postal cooperation directed at laying the required groundwork for printing and issuance of joint issue stamps between countries, holding joint stamp exhibitions, electronic purchase and commerce between Iran and Austria, and exchanging information regarding new postal services, saying that: “We welcome successful experiences of Austria in various postal fields and areas.”

He referred to the provision of new postal services in our country, adding that: “With the arrival of Information Technology into postal sector and its constant growth and development, nowadays a major portion of postal services in Iran are presented electronically.”

Mentioning that the principle inclination of post departments of the world is moving toward Logistics Post, which is also highly emphasized by the Universal Postal Union, the Chairman of the Post Company included: “By identifying present and future requirements of industry owners and goods importers it is clear that one of the main concerns and occupations of store managers regarding sales and marketing of their products is the subject of storage, packaging, shipping and distribution of goods and products in shortest time and the lowest expenses possible by the customers themselves, something which the Iranian Post is also aiming for.”

He also mentioned various postal services, referring to e-market services and web-based trading, and said: “E-market service is one of the strategic services to invest in.”

Mehri expressed that: “Designing new applications and utilizing electronic systems for registered consignment by the customers to track the whereabouts of what they have posted or ordered, is also highly important.”

Mehri asserted that: “There are currently 7 thousand E-Government Representative Counters and 10 thousand Rural ICT Offices active in the country, being managed and handled by the private sector.”

Mehri expressed his willingness for further developing bilateral postal cooperation between Iran and Austria, aimed at providing support for the printing of joint issue stamps, holding joint stamp exhibitions, e-commerce and electronic trading between two countries, and information exchange regarding new postal services, and said: “We truly welcome the chance to benefit from the successful experiences of Austria in various postal fields.”

In this meeting, the Chief Financial Officer of Austria Post described the operations and activities of Austria’s Post Company.

Walter Oblin, explaining that the services of Austria Post has been covering many European countries in the last 15 years, also reported of its activities in Iran’s neighbor, Turkey.

He referred to the fact that the major part of Austria Post’s activities is concentrated on parcels and packaging, included that: “Posting of letters in Austria is on the decline and just during the past seven years it has decreased by 3 to 8 percent.”

The Chief Financial Officer of Austria Post stated subjects regarding Self-Service Post or Unstaffed Postal Facilities, saying: “This service is currently being provided in Austria on a 24/7 basis.”

Walter Oblin also described in length the Medicinal Logistics Post Services and the Postal Parcel Distribution Ads on mobile applications which are some of the services provided by Austria Post.

At the conclusion of the meeting, he invited the Managing Director of Iran Post Co. to visit Austria Post, requesting interaction and cooperation with Iran Post in various fields and subjects.

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