Vaezi Highlights Foundations of Resistive Economy

Vaezi Highlights Foundations of Resistive Economy
Dr. Vaezi: ‘People’s choice, supporting knowledge-based firms and domestic research are the foundations of resistive economy.’

According to ICT Ministry’s PR report, in the unveiling ceremony of the Cloud Computing Services, Dr. Vaezi stated that: “It is the wish and request of our people to actively participate in this sector and we, in turn, support innovations and new ideas.”

The ICT Minister expressed that: “If we want to tie the fate of our businesses with the cloud computing system, there should be clear-cut instructions and guidelines available, and everybody should adhere to it.”

Vaezi continued: “If we are going to connect the people and the companies to the cloud, there should be no glitch or interference, and the broadband network of the country should continue to improve and develop.”

Stating that there is no need to put everything on government’s shoulder when it comes to ICT development in Iran, he added: “There is no question that state support is necessary but it is not sufficient.”

Vaezi referred to two articles in the Supreme Leader’s decree in regard to virtual space and said: “Article No. 4 says: National and overall endeavor, and extensive investment in establishing and developing various highly advanced and competitive technologies and industries, especially through establishment of new academic courses, training committed, specialized, and efficient human capital in hardware, software, content, and service sectors in all aspects and dimensions of the virtual space, particularly Iran’s 6th development plan and the annual programing of the country.”

He also referred to the 8th article of this decree, including that: “Acquisition of the proper role and position for knowledge-based economy in virtual space within the framework of the country’s resistance economy and comprehensive programming for improving business conditions related to virtual technologies, and utilizing job-creation opportunities, and prosperity of content, services and commerce in this field are highly important.”

Vaezi added: “Our beloved Supreme Leader put a lot of emphasis on these topics; and by the studies I have made on all industrial developments and global technologies, I know of no other field or area where its development has managed to have such an effect on lifestyle, social, economic, security, and cultural subjects.”

The Minister of Communication emphasized that: “According to our beloved Supreme Leader; ‘If we want to have something to say in the global arena, we just have to show the IT industry the same kind of firm approach that we have shown in regard to our nuclear industry.’; something which clearly shows that this comparison is very meaningful, actually showing the realistic and smart outlook of our system.”

Vaezi expressed that: “Our Supreme Leader entrusted all the executive affairs of this area to the ICT Ministry and this development makes the responsibility of the Communication Ministry and Iran’s ICT sector much heavier.”

The ICT Minister asserted that: “Wherever we are and in whatever position, whether public or private, we have to feel that we are lagging behind compared to the global pace of communication technologies.”

Referring to the post-sanctions policy of the 11th government, he included that: “Post-sanctions’ policy of the government is based on resistive economy’s foundations and general policies.”

Vaezi further elaborated that: “The basis and foundation of resistive economy is based on People’s choice, supporting knowledge-based firms and domestic research, from idea-generation to manufacturing and production chain, aimed at commercialization.”

He emphasized on supporting research in universities, adding that: “For further development of ICT sector services we should be attentive of the triangle of state, university, and private firms.”

The Communication Minister stated that data-centers are the factories of the ICT field, adding: “The more data-centers we have, the better will prosper the business of various ICT services.”

Stating that we are not dormant and inactive in global arena in regard to development of communication technologies, he included that: “Our nation is always moving forward in science and technology.”

Vaezi stressed on supporting Master’s and PhD Degree Thesis revolving 2020 and 2025 developments in ICT sector, and concluded that: “Defining the goals and objectives in these technologies is a huge affair, and we should utilize these investments to create jobs for the younger generation.”

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