Unveiling IaaS Cloud Computing Services by ICT Minister

Unveiling IaaS Cloud Computing Services by ICT Minister
In presence of the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, an unveiling ceremony was held for the first IaaS Cloud computing services.

According to the ICT’s Public Relations Center, in the ceremony held for the unveiling of the first IaaS Cloud Computing Service, which coincided with the Cloud Computing Seminar and its effect on Iran’s broadband ecosystem, the head of the Information Technology Organization (ITC) stated that: “What we expect from cloud computing is the creation of a bridge between innovation and optimization.”

 Speaking at a special panel attended by lecturers from Sharif University and the ICT Research Institute, Mr. Eng. Jahangard stated that what we are facing today in the world is that all things must be connected to each other at any place and at any time, adding that: “From 2003 up till now billions of phenomena have become connected to each other and the connection of phenomena is a very major event around us which allows the optimization of economic, cultural, and social controls of the human race, and that’s why we have to prepare and enable ourselves for its arrival.”

Stating that the horizon of communication is moving toward needs satisfaction by mobile devices and networks, Jahangard added: “This phenomenon is a storm that is going to consume us, whether we go for it or not.”

Referring to cloud computing, internet of things, big data, and 5G, he emphasized that: “In future, huge amounts of data are going to be produced, and we intend to share resources in the cloud computing services sector.”

He included that: “Technological facilities allow us do things which were not possible before.”

Head of the ITC said: “Among cloud services, there is a software economy sector, which we intend to move in that direction.”

He added that: “Data is the economic hub of the future, and wherever there is an economic sector, it is the private sector that must get things done.”

He emphasized on domesticating this experience in the country, saying: “There should be science nuclei formed in universities; and these nuclei must transform into applications in companies and then offered in the market.”

Jahangard said: “At the moment we are interacting with two universities, and we are also prepared to cooperate with other universities.”

He expressed hope that more technical aspects will be raised in today’s session, and quicker steps taken in next group appointments.”

Sep 15, 2015 08:59


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