Dr. Vaezi Requests Coordination for Smart City Realization

Dr. Vaezi Requests Coordination for Smart City Realization
During the first seminar on ‘Smart City, Infrastructure, and Investment Opportunities’, Dr. Vaezi emphasized on the need for comprehensive cooperation among all agencies and organizations to realize the ‘Smart City’ concept, saying: “Smart City results in in facilitation of everyday tasks and routines, job creation, creating investment opportunities for financial agencies, and major presence and participation of Knowledge-based firms and operators.”

The Communication Ministry’s Public Relation Center reports that the ICT Minister, pointing out that there can be no development without paying attention to communication and information technology, stated that: “Fortunately both the government and the parliament are very considerate of this topic and this seminar, in its turn, show the interest of non-governmental and private sector in working and investing in this field.”

Expressing that it is the government’s duty to create the necessary infrastructure, he added: “These infrastructures do not only concern the ICT Ministry, but involve all agencies and state bodies, especially municipalities, the Interior Ministry, the Road and Urban Development Ministry, and the EPA.”

The ICT Minister underlined the importance of the seminar’s focus on infrastructure and investment, saying: “The Smart City will be the outcome of the cooperation and concurrence of all responsible agencies.”

At the same time, he deemed the establishment of infrastructures as necessary but insufficient, saying: “The regulatory sector must also proceed with global developments, creating the required guidelines.”

He followed on by counting some of the characteristics of a smart city, saying that: “Things such as improvement of service provision, falling energy expenses, improvement of people’s life, reduction of environmental hazards, utilizing innovations, and reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels, are all among the outcomes of establishing a smart city.”

Dr. Vaezi underscored the effectiveness of IT in job creation, saying: “During the past two years, with the provision of new services to the public, new jobs and professions have been created which increase the attention focused on the smart city.”

Vaezi included: “Last year, in spite of all the shortcomings in Iran’s ICT infrastructure, our top priority was to compensate this inadequacies, and we were able to implement various projects in this direction through the close cooperation of the government and the parliament.”

He stressed that: “Through the implementation of numerous projects, by next year, we shall witness increasing quality in current services.”

The Communication Minister underlined content generation, provision of new services and new applications as the main focus of this year’s efforts, adding: “Without these items we will be unable to achieve all our objectives.”

Dr. Vaezi referred to the decree of the Supreme Leader for the second term of the High Council of Virtual Space, saying: “In this important decree, many key items have been pointed out in regard to the field of virtual space, such as the tasks and missions of this council and the National Center of Virtual Space, and other executive bodies connected to this field, which clearly indicate the level of attention paid by the country to this sector.”

Stressing that all sectors must pay more attention to this field, he expressed hope that the High Council of Virtual Space in its second term will achieve all the tasks and missions stated in the decree of the Supreme Leader, through the help and close cooperation of all its members and the related agencies.”

Dr. Vaezi also referred to the positive aspects of holding such a seminar by the private sector with the help of the public sector, suggesting the establishment of a permanent secretariat for Smart City, and saying: “To achieve desired results, this work must be continuous, and the ministry is also backing the establishment of a permanent secretariat.”

Expressing optimism that the seminar will result in preparation of a strategic document regarding Smart City, Vaezi concluded that: “The ICT Ministry shall not refrain from doing whatever necessary to coordinate things with public bodies, the parliament or the High Council of Virtual Space.”


Sep 9, 2015 10:32


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