Substantive Agreements for Virtual Operators in 2015-2016

Substantive Agreements for Virtual Operators in 2015-2016
The President of Iran’s Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) made an announcement today in regard to virtual mobile operators, saying: “This year we will first issue substantive agreements for virtual operators, and then awarding operational licenses will depend on their coming to terms with the existing operators.”

Ali Asghar Amidian, the President of CRA, according to ICT’s PR report stated that the examination of the requests has already begun, adding: “The requests of 51 applicant companies have been received so far.”

He conveyed that the issuance of the operating licenses will depend on agreements made with mobile operators, saying: “After presenting the substantive agreements, this group of applicants has six months to come to agreement with the mobile network operators and it is only in the next stage that licenses can be issued.”

Amidian pointed out that virtual operator will commence activities quite soon, said that: “Out of the 51 applicants so far, substantive agreements shall be awarded to all those who manage to achieve the minimum requirements or the points needed to be accepted.”

Emphasizing that the CRA has set no limits to the number of virtual operators, he also stated that: “More operators mean more competition, which is desirable; but conforming to all the conditions is going to prove to be a tough job and it doesn’t seem that many will be able to proceed to the last stage and come to agreement with the mobile operator.”

He mentioned content generation and new services as the motives of government for presenting the virtual operator project, saying: “With the issuance of licenses for the operators, new areas for content generation and exchange will be created which will result in increasing competition and also a growth in the share of the network-owner operators; something which can not only be attractive for the operators, but encourage their positive approach also.”

He asserted that: “Any company which is innovative and offers newer services will naturally have a higher chance of achieving accord and better success.”

The President of CRA continued by referring to the government commemoration week and the issuance of seven FCP licenses during that week, added that: “Servco’s license is under consideration and if the required paperwork is completed, we will soon issue its’ first license.”

He concluded by emphasizing on the role and effect of CRA issued licenses on employment and job-creation, expressing that: “For instance, we have already issued a connection center license and many other requests are under consideration, and its’ new approach and outlook toward towns and small cities can considerably help this process.”

Sep 5, 2015 09:55


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