Rightel Receives 4G License Upgrade in Presence of 2 Ministers

Rightel Receives 4G License Upgrade in Presence of 2 Ministers
The unveiling ceremony for license upgrade of Rightel Communication Services Co. to 4G mobile networks was held today in presence of Communication and Labor Ministers.

The ICT Public Relation Center reports that in this ceremony, Dr. Amidian, President of Iran’s Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) announced that: “According to article no. 46 of the 5th development plan, the broadband services should be provided to 100 percent of Iranian businesses and 60 percent of Iranian households.”

Also, based on the decree of the Supreme Leader for establishment of the High Council of Virtual Space and the emphasis of the President expressed last spring, the ICT Ministry was tasked with preparing itself for provision of broadband services to the public; therefore, a National Broadband Plan was adopted.

He also included that: “According to this national program, preliminary surveys and studies should indicate the type of broadband and multimedia services development for anyone, at any time, in any place.”

He referred to the add value created in industry, agriculture and service sectors, saying: “In the industry sector the add value is 39 percent and the employment created 5.34 percent. In the agriculture sector the add value is 5.11 percent and the employment 5.17 percent. But in the service sector where you will also find the ICT, the add value is 5.52 percent and the employment it can help create exceeds 48 percent. That’s why the National Broadband Development Plan of Iran is established in form of a national document and extensive programming goes into its implementation.”

Explaining that the progressive course of the National Broadband Plan should be programmed based on latest global technologies and then domesticized, Amidian added: “We have to take into consideration the past, present and future conditions.”

He further elaborated that: “In the 1st generation DSL Broadband and the 3G, it was Rightel who was the first operator in this field, as it was with the 2nd generation of Broadband network and the 4G mobile networks where, once again, Rightel became the forerunner.”

The President of CRA went on saying: “4G mobile networks are going to be the foundation of new interactive services in the fields of education, distance medicine technologies, sports, entertainment and next generation TV’s.”

He referred to the current forecasts regarding future of mobile services in 2020, which puts the number of mobile users to 9.179 Billion throughout the globe, adding that: “In 2013 there were 256 LTE networks established in 97 countries, which by 2017 will exceed 500 networks in 128 countries.”

Amidian stated that: “The penetration rate of broadband in developing countries is 21 and in developed countries 84, which puts the average at 32.”

He continued: “In the National Broadband Plan we should pay attention to the fact that the true wealth of this country is data and information, and how it should be stored and processed, and how it is going to open the progress routes for the society.”

Amidian concluded by asserting that the ISA commission has authorized Rightel to upgrade its services to 4G network, the pilots of which are going to be implemented in Tehran, Karaj and Kish, and the actual official license will be handed over to Ritel Co. in one months’ time.”

Sep 5, 2015 09:52


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