First Smart Card Laboratory starts Operations

First Smart Card Laboratory starts Operations
On the sixth day of the government commemoration week, The ICT Minister took a short trip to Parand Industrial Town in Tehran Province, to visit IT Industries Research Center and to inaugurate the initial phase of the First Smart Card Laboratory.

The ICT Public Relations report that at the sidelines of this opening ceremony, Dr. Vaezi made a speech remembering the names and memories of Martyrs Rajayi and Bahonar, and the government commemoration week, saying: “This center is outstanding from two aspects; first, unique teamwork and simultaneous presence of 52 companies and 24 years of cooperation in one group which is very rare and has been accomplished here; and second, the existence of various laboratories which carry out the overall study and analysis of a product or technology based on a set of standards.”

 Dr. Vaezi continued by stating that the Iranian market is not the target of our manufacturing goods, especially products of the ICT sector, saying: “In this field, through production of high-quality and standard products, we can think about export and the markets of other nations.”

The ICT Minister referred to the fact the existence of a standard can help reduce the risks revolving the quality of a product, and said: “We have to pay special attention to the process of sample product verification and the related standards, so that our quality products can find a niche for themselves in the global market.”

Vaezi added by emphasizing the relationship between private and academic labs, and said: “We should have a long-term and practical outlook toward the existing laboratories in our country, where we can certainly benefit from past experiences and the science and technology of other nations.”

He concluded by underscoring resistive economy and the handover of affairs in this economy to the people and the private sector, by saying: “There should be a constant link between the ICT Research Institute and the Iranian Space Research Center with the laboratories of the private sector, especially the labs of this center, and the Ministry can play its role by helping the growth and development of this lab through controlled funds loan facilities.”

Sep 2, 2015 09:04


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