ICT Minister Inaugurates Radio Frequency Monitoring Stations

ICT Minister Inaugurates Radio Frequency Monitoring Stations
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology, on a visit to Qazvin province during government commemoration day, inaugurated the radio frequency monitoring stations covering the west and north-west regions of the country. Through inauguration of this project, it is now possible to control signals in all various frequency bandwidths, and supervise the performance of the providers of internet and communication services.

According to ICT’s PR department, the north and north-west frequency monitoring sites were inaugurated today by the ICT Minister in the provincial governor’s office in Qazvin.

With the aim of achieving safety and wholesomeness, and management of Iran’s frequency spectrum, Iran’s Communication Regulatory Authority’s (CRA) Monitoring and Direction-finding stations have been established within the framework of Radio Monitoring Comprehensive Plan.

By constructing monitoring stations in cities of Shahrekord, Arak, Khoramabad, and Hamedan, it will be possible to receive signals from all the existing sources in all frequency bands and thus, the ICT Ministry will be in a position to supervise and control the parameters of the issued licenses, in addition to online analysis of frequency spectrum.

Establishment of direction-finding stations enables the possibility of locating the position of illegal transmitters and other sources interfering with the frequency bands.

Also, through inauguration of Hamedan’s monitoring station, there is now the possibility for a centralized control of satellite stations from a distance.

These projects have utilized 720 Billion Rials of investment overall.

By inauguration of these stations, the capacity for geographical monitoring has now been increased to 53 percent, the frequency bandwidth capacity up to 18 Gigahertz and direction-finding up to 3 Gigahertz.

Through startup of the Western (Hamedan) region’s Information Technology Monitoring Hall, it is now possible to have online and distant monitoring on the activities of IT service providers in the western Iran; in such a manner that the Ministry can now monitor and analyze the received and consumed bandwidth data in provinces of Hamedan, Kermanshah, and Kordestan.

Also, by inauguration of the North-Western (Qazvin) region’s Information Technology Monitoring Hall, it is now possible to monitor and analyze the bandwidth of the Internet and IT service providers in provinces of Qazvin, Zanjan, and Gilan on a daily basis.

Through these operations, the ICT Ministry will be in a position to supervise the performance of the license-holders and the implementation of the related regulations by the regulator for issuing the order to stop the provision of services and the transactions, studying the irregularity rate of the sales, and implementing the required fines.

Sep 1, 2015 09:56


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