Government Aims for Quality Services, Competitive Tariffs

Government Aims for Quality Services, Competitive Tariffs
At the onset of government commemoration week, the Minister for Communication and Information Technology stated during the ceremony for signing an MOU for provision of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) services with mobile network providers, and the awarding of the country-wide license for wireless-based data transfer, that: “This government aims to provide services that create a competitive environment, in addition to offering high quality services with lower tariffs to our people.”

According to ICT’s PR department, in this ceremony attended by ICT Deputy Ministers and the managing directors of the three mobile operators, Dr. Vaezi counted Mobile Number Portability among the demands of the government and the people, adding that: “The importance of this system will be revealed when during the coming months, as it becomes operational, people will show by their behavior which operator’ services they are satisfied with.”

Stating that MNP allows customers to easily change their mobile operator twice a year, he said that: “This new service is going to bring along serious competition and increasing quality and the provision of various services for the people, where eventually it is the users who are going to benefit.”

Pointing out the latest trends in the world which assess and evaluates data consumption with the jobs it creates, he expressed that: “The data usage statistics of the past year show that our society was already prepared in advance and we were late in addressing the issue.”

Praising the efforts of his colleagues in Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) which managed to achieve, in the shortest possible time, what was worthy of the great Iranian nation, he conveyed that: “The Communication Infrastructure Company managed to establish countrywide broadband network in a very short timeframe so that none of the operators will face a problem, which is truly commendable.”

Emphasizing that our policy is a policy of competition, he went on to say: “It is through healthy competition that monopoly is broken, quality is elevated and diversity of services offered to people established, and tariffs become more reasonable.”

Dr. Vaezi said: “Thus, the one who judges and decides which operator is acceptable as of service provision quality, is the people themselves.”

The ICT Minister continued by referring to the policies of the 11th government in safeguarding ethical values and establishing relations with the world, underlining that: “We are glad that as Dr. Rouhani had promised before the elections, today both the centrifuge machines keep turning and the also the wheel of peoples livelihood.”

He included that: “The government believes that our order and our nation have a great position in the world. It is the destiny of this great nation to play a constructive role in the world.”

He referred to the major nuclear victory and the P5+1 negotiations, saying: “In this new atmosphere, all Iranian companies can enter into negotiation with all countries and major global companies; not only we can access good technologies, we can also offer them with reasonable prices too.”

The Communication Minister addressed the reporters and the media by referring to the issuance of five operational licenses to sample control laboratories, saying: “We shall continue to provide technical and financial aid to all those activities which deal with people’s well-being.”

He reported of the awarding of sample control analysis licenses to three universities and two private sector firms, adding that: “It is our aim to provide good labs for our students and lecturers, based on the fast developments taking place in the world in this field.”

He said: “We have to establish a balance between universities and the private sector, and we hope this will cause an escalation in our quality and our standards.”

Dr. Vaezi emphasized on the issue of global brands equipment, conveying that: “It is the duty of our organization to make sure whatever is being bought and utilized is based on the properties and characteristics originally reported. Of course, our experts can verify the quality of a product based on existing criteria and hardware.”

He referred to the issuance of wireless-based countrywide data transfer license to Irancell Co. which was previously exclusive to seven provinces only, and counted as something which will create an atmosphere of competition in the whole country, adding that: “We will issue other licenses, so that people can enjoy better facilities and fair tariffs.”

In continuation, the ICT Minister congratulated the decade of benevolence and the Doctor’s day to all hardworking Iranian Doctors.

Dr. Amidian also referred to the fact that the government is aiming to ease the existing problems of developing services in ICT sector and capital circulation, saying: “Our objective is to offer quality services to the people with the lowest possible prices.”

He also mentioned that the experimental phase of MNP is totally free for the users, saying: “It is our goal to provide our citizens with better and more qualitative services.”

Amidian expressed optimism regarding operator coordination within the next 10 months, concluding that: “The first phase has to become operational by mid-February 2016, and hopefully through the good choice we have made in the project contractor, all programs are going to move ahead quickly.”

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