The Iranian Information Technology Organization (ICT) signed an MOU with United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Center for Information and Communication Technology for Development (UN- APCICT) to improve human capital factors.

The Communication Ministry’s PR reports that, Mr. Eng. Jahangard, Deputy Minister of ICT and Head of the Information Technology Organization, in signing this memorandum of understanding, underscored the utilization of proven and practical global scientific knowledge in ICT applications as the objective of this cooperation, saying that: “It is our hope that this MOU will be the beginning of using world experiences in ICT development.

Mr. Jahangard referred to the similarities between developments of services in various countries, expressing that: “There are different pathways available, but it is possible to travel the route of development with reduced risks by using the experiences of other nations.”

Emphasizing that we are observing the transfer of successful international experiences through such training courses, he said that: “In this manner we can save both time and money.”

In continuation, Mr. Jahangiri stressed on the human capital infrastructure of the IT sector development, saying: “The prerequisite of e-government is the improvement of knowledge and awareness level of state managers and experts.”

The head of ICT emphasized on development and utilization of communication and information technology for economic and social growth in various societies, and said: “The training topics have been domesticated and they will be taught to top managers of government organizations.”

Adding that these sources and content have been translated and domesticated and will be presented to the public soon, he went on to say: “In the next levels, we intend to offer technological applications training for students.”

He highlighted training as a continuous subject and said: “We will be holding training courses as the need arises.”

Hyeun-Suk RHEE, head of the United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Center for ICT development, also referred to e-governance and IT applications as the most important sectors in which the UN cooperates with member countries, and stressed that: “The UN has created this arm for development of ICT application in various sectors.”

She highlighted human capital development as the central point of her organization’s activities, adding that: “Iran has started a new international interaction, where exchange of experiences from both sides is very important.”

Ree said: “By the projections of the Communication Ministry for enabling the people’s access to information and internet, a good environment and opportunity have been created for rural and urban people to experience equal growth through a sharing of resources.”

She expressed pleasure for visiting Iran, saying: “I am observing a good and capable atmosphere here.”

She also emphasized on the importance of developing and training the private sector as partners of the public sector.

The UN-APCICT is affiliated to ESCAP (the economic and social arm of the United Nations) which has established the UN-APCICT office in Asia-Pacific region to promote cooperation in the field of information technology applications.

The UN-APCICT offices are located in South Korea’s Incheon city, currently covering 62 countries, whose task is to assemble correct scientific models from member countries and help in their exchange.

According to the Deputy of Information Technology Organization, the APCICT also has a virtual university, registering students and applicants online, which can be the next stage in mutual cooperation.

A three day training workshop has been held in parallel to these meetings, covering the topic of e-governance, managed through cooperation of Iranian Information Technology Organization and the UN- APCICT.

The United Nations Training Center for Information and Communication Technology in Asia-Pacific region has prepared training sources and materials regarding development of ICT skills, out of which about 20 titles have already been translated and are available through the efforts of the ICT.

These training titles are planned to be taught by the instructors of this center in short term highly intensive courses to IT managers of various organizations, directly improving their experience and knowledge base.

Aug 1, 2015 11:12


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