20 Communication Projects Inaugurated in Hamedan

20 Communication Projects Inaugurated in Hamedan
In presence of Dr. Vaezi, 20 communication projects were inaugurated in Hamedan Province, with a credit of 1.06 Trillion Rials.

According to ICT’s PR, Dr. Vaezi, speaking at the morning ceremony for inauguration of Hamedan Province’s communication projects, stated that: “The 11th government is the administration of development and activity.”

Commenting that we are not looking for marginal things, he added: “Fortunately, through the extensive efforts and endeavours of my colleagues, we have managed to develop and advance the province’s infrastructures in all sectors.”

The ICT Minister asserted that: “Rural internet was started in this government and last year 8000 villages were equipped with internet communication, which is going to reach 25000 villages by the end of this year.”

The Communication Minister expressed that: “In our Ministry, we see no difference between the public and the private sector, and in today’s inauguration ceremony we are also cutting the ribbons of private sector’s projects as well.”

He continued saying: “3 cities in the province are already equipped with 4G network which have to be developed and more effort should be put in their progress.”

The Minister emphasized that: “20 communication projects of the Hamedan Province are being inaugurated with a credit of 1.06 Trillion Rials.”

These inaugural ceremonies include the opening of the E-services Comprehensive System of the province with a credit of 2 Billion Rials, starting the first Cloud Computing Services in Hamedan Province, increasing the Hamedan province’s operators data access broadband network to 9.54 Gbps, developing the capacity of transport layer up to 56448 E1, installation and startup of 50 PINPAD units by Postbank company, installing and operating 8 banking kiosks in post offices for offering financial services by the post and Postbank companies, establishing and operating 8 service kiosks and 8 E-services kiosks by the post company, equipping post services to 33 PDA units in mail services, starting and developing 3G mobile networks with 49 BTS sites by Irancell, inaugurating and developing 4G mobile networks with 21 BTS sites by Irancell, inaugural of 51 2G BTS sites by Hamrah Aval, startup of 78 3G and 4G sites by Hamrah Aval, and completion of 3G mobile network coverage in Hamedan, Malayer and Nahavand with 14 BTS sites by Rightel, just to name a few.

Jul 28, 2015 09:26


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