Trillion Rial ICT Investment in Lorestan Province

Trillion Rial ICT Investment in Lorestan Province
Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, took a trip to Lorestan Province last Thursday morning and upon arrival, attended the administrative council’s meeting of the province to get a firsthand view of the ongoing topics and problems of the cities and towns in the region.

According to the ICT’s PR center, during this meeting, provincial managers and directors presented the Minister with reports of the current situation of ICT in Lorestan Province, also stating their requests and suggestions.

In the continuation of the meeting, Dr. Vaezi underscored the rich culture and heritage of Lorestan Province, by saying: “Lorestan has introduced such great names in culture, ethics and religion to Iranian society that we are all in their debt.”

He added: “A fine display of this prominence is the fact that two Parliamentary Committees are headed by MP’s from Lorestan.”

Vaezi underscored the sacrifices of the martyrs of the forced 8-year war and the great effect of this huge movement in the present peace and comfort in our society, stating that: “Compared to the population of the Province, Lorestan has offered great many martyrs to our revolution, something we must always be appreciative of while honoring these martyrs and their families.”

The Communication Minister mentioned that the country is on the brink of the sixth development plan, saying that: “The commencement of the 6th development program coincided with the nuclear agreement, and therefore all Iranian officials and especially officials of Lorestan province should, through unanimousness and concurrence, lay the foundation for huge and effective development in our country.”

Vaezi highlighted some of the promises of Dr. Rouhani during elections, referring to the realization of his most important promise, and said: “The government promised constructive interaction with the world, ethics and morality, truthfulness, employment and job-creation, economic prosperity, and solving livelihood issues of the people, which we are steadily moving toward their realization.”

The ICT Minister included: “Moderation is the path which will surely get us to our objectives, and our people voted for wisdom and moderation in the last elections.”

He recited the words of the esteemed Supreme Leader in regard to nuclear deal, saying: “Our beloved leader stated that this topic should not become a cause for division among us, but some present behaviors in the society and the IRIB does not seem proper for this delicate times.”

Vaezi included: “In the past, when new sanctions were ratified and implemented almost on a daily basis, there was no debates and roundtable discussion programs in the IRIB, but today when a deal has been reached  and the agreement involves our whole system of government, there are debate programs broadcasted every day, presenting non-expert views and observations.”

The ICT Minister included comments regarding the nuclear deal: “This agreement is a major event, which progressed and achieved the present accomplishment with the full backing of our beloved Supreme Leader in every stage.”

Vaezi referred to the great potential of the Lorestan province in regard to ICT projects, saying: “There are currently 1.1 Trillion Rials worth of investments carried out by the private sector and the government, a trend that is going to continue.”

He added that: “In the government of wisdom and hope, the broadband capacity of the province has doubled, and this trend will continue with the same pace.”

The Communication Minister highlighted the importance of the communication infrastructure in rural areas, and said: “We intend to provide internet communication for all villages with more than five resident families and broadband internet for all villages of more than 20 resident families.”

At the conclusion, Vaezi emphasized the importance of utilizing broadband internet for Iranian users, saying that: “We don’t have any problems regarding our broadband services. PAP companies simply have to observe the sharing coefficient, and the Communication Regulatory Authority must implement more supervision on the operations of the related companies.”

Jul 27, 2015 09:24


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