Dr. Vaezi Meets ITU Secretary-General in WSIS Forum 2015

Dr. Vaezi Meets ITU Secretary-General in WSIS Forum 2015
Dr. Vaezi, the Iranian Minister for Communication and Information Technologies, which was present in Geneva for WSIS Forum 2015, met with International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) Secretary-General, Mr. Houlin Zhao.

According to ICT’s PR department, during this meeting Dr. Vaezi pointed out the importance of WSIS Forum and the necessity of strengthening its position in future, moreover stressing on the important of role of various states and world governments in management and governance of Internet.

Referring to I.R.Iran’s ICT Ministry’s interest in further developing cooperation between Iran and the ITU in the area of infrastructure growth and expansion, Vaezi included: “The most major program of ICT Ministry during past year has been the development and completion of the infrastructures of IT and ICT field.”

The Minister of ICT listed a number of major national projects in Iran and said: “We have devised a number of major projects to facilitate and speed-up ICT and IT service provision to Iranian people, some of which has already become operational.”

He included: “We are interested in utilizing ITU’s capacities in this direction.”

During this meeting, Houlin Zhao, ITU’s Secretary-General, underlined the important and constructive role of I.R.Iran in ICT’s field of specialized seminars and workshops in WSIS Forum 2015, and said: “Internet governance in the world is the most important request of many nations and states, constantly raised in WSIS Forum 2015.”

Secretary-General of ITU expressed concern over inaccessibility of internet for half the world’s population, saying: “Various governments and nations must increase their efforts to provide access to this technology for all the people of the world.”

At the conclusion of the meeting, Houlin Zhao expressed his gratitude for the Iran’s contributions to the eleven guidelines of information society, during last year, saying: “Iran has been very active in this area, which deserves praise and commendation.”

He concluded that: “I intend to visit Iran in near future, to personally observe I.R.Iran’s achievements in the fields of communication, telecommunication, and information technology.”

May 31, 2015 07:13


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