Dr. Vaezi Speaks at the Opening Ceremony of WSIS 2015

Dr. Vaezi Speaks at the Opening Ceremony of WSIS 2015
Mahmoud Vaezi, the Iranian Minister for Information and Communication Technology, described the viewpoints of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding information society, in his speech at the opening ceremony of the WSIS 2015 11th session in Geneva.

According to ICT’s PR department, Dr. Vaezi spoke at the general assembly of the WSIS Forum which started its 11th session in Geneva, Switzerland on May 25, adopting the motto ‘Innovating Together: Enabling ICTs for Sustainable Development’.”

In his speech, Vaezi described the importance of people-oriented and development-based information society, saying: “People-oriented and development-based information society can help countries achieve development objectives.”

He added: “Our world today is facing new and serious challenges, some of which can be resolved through utilization of Information and Communication Technology.”

The ICT Minister pointed out that the world has become oriented toward innovation based economy, and said: “We have to take long steps for encouraging and facilitating technological innovations, something which can help us achieve sustainable development and information based society in every aspect, and help making a better world.”

Vaezi expressed concern over the digital gap between developed and developing countries, saying: “To close this gap, we have to make ICT and its related services available to everybody, everywhere.”

He added: “Supporting national efforts in developing countries in regard to reducing the digital gap, can be achieved through establishment, development and strengthening of capacities in order to guarantee their presence in all aspects of global information society.”

Our Information Minister continued by referring to the subject of internet sovereignty and governance, saying: “The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the subject of internet governance as the most important part of information society, and believes that in this regard, all actions should be based on the Geneva Statement which, accordingly, all governments must have equal role and responsibility in relation to internet-related international policymaking issues.”

Bringing his speech to an end, Vaezi referred to the efforts of the government of wisdom and hope in supporting private sector elites and operatives in completion and startup of National Information Network, saying: “We accelerated the development and completion of National Information Network, because this network, in addition to providing easier, faster and more qualitative access for users, can also result in growth of domestic content development.”

He added: “In this regard, we welcome and support the investments and activities of the private sector, in advancing the objectives of the National Information Network of Iran.”




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