Iran-Indonesia Sign Economic Cooperation Agreement

Iran-Indonesia Sign Economic Cooperation Agreement
The 11th session of Iran-Indonesia Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation concluded in its second day by signing of an agreement.

ICT’s PR department reports that Dr. Vaezi, expressing his pleasure for establishment of Iran-Indonesia Joint Economic Commission, said that: “The meetings were held in a very positive atmosphere, encouraging for elevating the level of bilateral relations.”

The Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, referring to the almost dormant relations of the past 7 years, included: “Through efforts of both parties, a new chapter has been opened in bilateral relationship.”

He underlined both governments’ interest in supporting private sector cooperation between two countries and stated, referring to the numerous items included in the signed document: “Cooperation in industrial areas, investment, commerce, customs, standards, banking cooperation, oil, gas, refinery and petrochemical industries; also cooperating in the fields of electricity, water and wastewater, mines and mineral industries, and international communication, are included in this agreement.”

The Indonesian Economic Minister also referred to his meetings with Iranian officials, saying: “All the efforts of the past two days reflected the firm determination of both parties to elevate bilateral relations. Fortunately, we had good and constructive negotiations, and we agreed to cooperate in various sectors and industries.”

He stressed on the endeavours of both parties for starting the activities and the projects, expressing that: “Through good trade relationships between our countries, we can be hopeful for realization of the agreed topics and areas, and achieving the former level of Iran-Indonesia relations.

He pointed out that: “I intend to follow-up our agreements until their desirable conclusion, as soon as I leave Tehran.”

He stated that the next session of the joint commission will be held in Indonesia, to move things forward and implement the bilateral agreements, saying: “As soon as different sectors begin their cooperation, we will try to support and elevate them.”

Describing the opportunities for cooperation between the private sectors of both countries as high, he concluded that: “There exists a high potential for investment in both countries. I believe that bilateral trade relations will improve in future.”

May 27, 2015 11:32


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