Dr. Jahangiri: Strengthening Communication Foundations with Society and the Elite

Dr. Jahangiri: Strengthening Communication Foundations with Society and the Elite
The First Deputy of the President, speaking at the 5th National Festival of Communication and Information Technologies (FAVA) ceremony, stated that: “Government must strengthen communication foundations with society and the elite.”

The Public Relation and Information Center of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies, reports that Dr. Jahangiri said: “This festival shows that we should pay more attention to the subject of communication, especially in year announced as the ‘Year of Full Cooperation Between Government and the People’, where communication plays a significant role in realization of this motto.”

He referred to the connection of God with man, man with God, man with man, and man with nature, adding that: “These relationships are some of the highest aspects of communication, cherished by men of knowledge and wisdom.”

Stating that development of communications as an infrastructure energizes and enables all economic sectors of the country, Jahangiri said: “We require economic, social, cultural and political development; and for realization of this aspiration, the main infrastructure which facilitates development itself, is the development of communication and information technologies.”

Conveying that the government’s communication system, from both the hardware and software aspect, requires increased movement and mobility, he said: “The government must strengthen the foundations of communication with the society and the elite.”

The First Deputy of the President expressed that: “Government’s share in Iran’s media structure is less than the critics and the opposition, which causes obstacles for the government’s link with the society.”

Jahangiri underlined the government’s role in development of communication networks, adding that: “Our government is very firm in pursuing the topic of developing communication technologies.”

Stressing on the importance of making government activities ‘smarter’ and more ‘efficient’, he included: “A large, slow-moving, non-efficient government cannot play its true role in development of the country.”

Jahangiri underscored the importance of increasing government efficiency, and utilization of an educated labor force capital, and continued: “Increasing efficiency, decreasing the span and expenses of government services, facilitating people’s access to services, answerability and transparency of the executive system for fighting corruption and special privileges, are some of the demands and concerns that can be addressed through a correct approach of the ICT system.”

Stating that the ICT as an infrastructure energizes and strengthens every economic sector of the country, he said: “Development in economy, culture, society, and politics requires a core infrastructure called communication development.”

Pointing out that the 11th government is quite firm in its decision to correct and reform the country’s economic condition, Jahangiri added: “Going back to the constitution is one the most major topics that we have to address today.”

He highlighted fighting against corruption and special privileges ‘an activity of great importance’, saying that: “We have to do our best to alleviate the effects of the sanctions against our executive system.”

The First Deputy emphasized the transparency and accountability principle, including that: “The shortcut leading to the government’s objectives is improvement and advancement of our information technologies.”

Insisting that development cannot be accomplished through short-term, isolated activities, he followed that: The High Council of IT, as a policymaking and executive entity in Iran, has been revived and activated, and already has very serious and crucial topics on its agenda, such as developing the broadband network.”

Stating that there is no choice but to establish e-government and even mobile government, Jahangiri further elaborated by saying: “A country establishing and providing third and fourth generations of mobile networks, can also benefit from the opportunity of the mobile governance.”

The First Deputy of the President continued by referring to the ICT Minister’s report and said: “This report clearly shows that a Ministry, that some were trying to get shut down or merged, has transformed into a very busy, hardworking body, actively pursuing the realization of the President’s promises and people’s expectations.”

Referring to the ICT Ministry’s agenda for creating 100.000 employment opportunities, he concluded that: “This is a very important task and all the departments and organizations must support it so that we can increase FAVA’s share in our country’s GDP and exports, with one precise scientific move.”

May 23, 2015 10:10


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