ICT Minister: We Need to Establish a Culture of Investing in Knowledge-Based Businesses

ICT Minister: We Need to Establish a Culture of Investing in Knowledge-Based Businesses
We can help to promote this culture by supporting investors who use their capital for technology development in spite of the risks involved.

According to the ICT’s Public Relation, Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, speaking at the opening ceremony of the “11th National Sheikh-Bahai Technopreneurship Festival” and the “1st National Olympiad of Student Business Plan”, stated that: “During the past couple of years, lasting programs have been implemented with the objective of science development; and we should be thankful to those actively involved in this sector.”


Stating that the constituent component of wealth generation had been different in each era, The Minister for Communication & Information Technology stressed that: “In certain periods it has been agriculture and industry, but today, knowledge-based economy has become the most important component of production and wealth in the world, to the extent that countries utilizing this characteristic have been able to considerably improve their economic problems.”

 He added: “Nowadays, the economic development chain requires a Technopreneurship approach where the main objective is the transformation of research accomplishments into knowledge-based products and finally, wealth generation to improve society’s welfare.”

Underscoring ICT’s role in generating innovation in Iran, he asserted that: “Ministries like Communication and Information Technologies that are active in economic and industrial sectors, are actually utilizing the accomplishments of Science Ministry, since it is the achievements of Science Ministry which promote wisdom-based economy and the formation of knowledge-base businesses.”

Stressing on the necessity of utilizing the scientific potentials of the country’s elite forces, Vaezi included that: “Fortunately, our country is wealthy with an abundance of brilliant and gifted people, and we have to create the required environment for the realization of their ideas.”

He recounted ‘the identification of elite forces of the country, interacting with them, trying to solve their issues, and satisfying their requirements’ as the most important activities aimed at motivating and invigorating them, and said: “Iran’s scientific and research development is undergoing a very favorable trend and without a doubt, investing in this arena can result in creation of wealth and scientific independency of the country, where its primary effect will be boosting confidence in the nation.”

The ICT Minister underlined the significance of supporting startup knowledge-base companies for commercialization of new ideas, and included that: “Embracing the investment culture, we should plan and focus on the businesses of knowledge-base companies, and support investors who spend their capital on technology development knowing the risks involved, in order to help promoting this crucial culture.”

At the end, Vaezi stressed on closer and more extensive cooperation between science and research towns with the state and the industry, and concluded that: “We have three major sections in the ICT Ministry regarding the topic of Technopreneurship which consist of Communication Technology, Information Technology, and the Space Technology, where the strength and cohesion of these three sections result in the affluence and invigoration of the whole field.”

Sheikh-Bahai Technopreneurship Festival, as the first Iranian festival in the field of Technopreneurship (technology based entrepreneurship) was originally devised and promoted by Isfahan Science &Technology Town (ISTT). By creating an attractive and competitive environment, the event aims to facilitate the process of commercialization and technology development.


May 13, 2015 15:16


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