Dr. Vaezi Meets Faculty Members of Space Research Center, Post & Communication University, and ICT Research & Training Institute

Dr. Vaezi Meets Faculty Members of Space Research Center, Post & Communication University, and ICT Research & Training Institute
In concurrence with “Teacher Appreciation Week” programs, Dr. Vaezi, the Minister for ICT, met with a group of faculty members from Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC), Post & Communication Applied Sciences University (ICT Faculty), and ICT Research & Training Institute (ITRC).

As the Ministry’s Public Relation reports, in this ceremony, attended by the ICT Minister, his deputies and faculty members, Dr. Kambiz Badie, research deputy of ITRC, associated the ups and downs of his Institute with the very importance of ITRC, and stated that: “The presence of Dr. Khansari, as a hi-tech personality in our midst, has been decisive in paving the way.”

Indicating that the subject of communication technologies and progress in this field requires open-mindedness, he included that: “It is our hope and wish to able to take a progressive step toward further development and exaltation of the field of ICT technologies, with the helping hand of the Almighty.

Following this, Dr. Ebrahimi, as the representative of ISRC faculty members, said: “Working in an academic environment is quite different from research center activities, since there is a clearly defined program for teaching and research work in a university.”

Underscoring the livelihood concerns of ISRC’s faculty, he added: “What we require is devising new regulations and improving the existing attitude toward faculty members; since in many instances, different requests are presented rather than a demand for pure scientific activities.”

Stressing the faculty’s role as an assessor of scientific activities and technological development, Ebrahimi included: “We should pay attention to the concerns of the driving force of science, in the Ministry of ICT.”

He requested the establishing of a scientific council in the Ministry consisted of these three research entities, highlighting that: “Equalization and uniformity are essential for resolving the issues facing faculty members.”

Later on, Dr. Mohammadzadeh, as the representative of Post & Communication Applied Sciences University’s faculty members, expressed that: “By turning this university over to Iran’s Telecommunication Company in 2010 which was a private firm by nature, the ICT Faculty did not receive the attention it deserved since our university was not a profit-making one.”

He described the University’s homecoming as a great opportunity for supporting the ICT Ministry, through provision of short and long-term educational courses.

The deputy also referred to the relationship with the ITU through ICT Ministry as a turning point for the university and concluded that: “It is our request that through establishment of a Board of Trustees, a constructive step is taken for better selection of objectives and also for appointing the members of the faculty.”

At the conclusion of this ceremony, Dr. Vaezi commended Dr. Badie as a forerunner in the arena of science and knowledge.


May 9, 2015 07:19


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