Dr. Vaezi: Scientific Success Depends on Cherishing Scholars and Intellectuals

Dr. Vaezi:  Scientific Success Depends on Cherishing Scholars and Intellectuals
During the “Teacher Appreciation Week” programs, the Minister for ICT stated in a ceremony attended by a group of faculty members from Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC), Post & Communication Applied Sciences University (ICT Faculty), and ICT Research & Training Institute (ITRC), that: “Scientific success of any society depends on cherishing scholars and intellectuals.”

As the ICT’s PR department reports, the Minster affectionately recalled the loving memory of Martyr Dr. Ghandi, a member of Post & Communication University, saying that: “Wherever thinkers and Academics are loved and respected, we witness the progress of science and knowledge.”

Stressing the policy of our state and administration in training skilled workforce, he included that: “The onset of our Islamic Revolution was a cultural movement, grounded in thought and determination, and rising of the people was based on their ideas.”

Vaezi emphasized on the high priority of education in an Islamic society, and said: “Investing in the education and training of future generations is of great importance.”

Describing research and education as components which complete each other, he elaborated: “Mere lecturing or pure research, by themselves, cannot realize the high objectives of education, and the value of transferring research activities remains very substantial.”

The Minister of ICT stressed on the theorizing of research findings and said: “The mindset of the “Government of Wisdom and Hope” was based on a series of studies and the result of those researches was the presentation of “Moderate Thought” promoted during the election time.”

Conveying that thinkers and intellectuals must be the driving force of the country, he included: “The “Government of Wisdom and Hope” intends to train expert managers and specialized workforce.”

Vaezi went on to say: “We are doing all that’s possible to keep our elite here in our country; to be able to achieve independence in practice.”

Insisting on the importance of native and local research and study, he said: “The two arenas of ICT and Space are the cutting edge of today’s technologies and without training highly skilled workforce, there would be no success.”

He also highlighted the livelihood and appointment concerns of faculty members in research centers of ICT Ministry, and concluded that: “We need to establish a special committee in this regard, and we have already started interacting with the Ministry of Science in this respect.”





May 9, 2015 07:15


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