Dr. Vaezi meets Religious Authorities of Qom

Dr. Vaezi meets Religious Authorities of Qom
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology met with Ayatollah Javadi Amolli and Ayatollah Sobhani today, two prominent religious authorities of Qom province.

According to ICT’s PR department, Ayatollah Javadi Amolli addressed the ICT Minister by saying: “We are glad of your achievements, and we are grateful that such honorable men such as yourself are at the helm.”

He continued his address by highlighting two topics and said: “What we know today as “virtual space” is in fact the very essence of truth, since you can push the “virtual” aside but you cannot do that to truth.”

Ayatollah Javadi Amolli included that: “How can a “virtual” block the truth; therefore, virtual space is in fact the truth itself.”

The prominent philosopher of “Feyziyeh” Religious Seminary of Qom City, further elaborated by saying: “These wires and TV’s are not the truth, rather, it’s the things that are knowledge and cognition which define the truth, and of course everybody pays attention to truthful things.”

He carried on by stating: “Those who are able to transfer a truth to the society in this environment, must possess the necessary infrastructure and facilities.”

Ayatollah Javadi Amolli pointed out the activities of ICT Ministry for increasing bandwidth, and said: “You must consider this space as the truth; take it over, and transfer the highest number of messages in it.”

He insisted: “We have many great people in religious schools and scientific universities; and we should only distribute the words of these great ones in this space of truth and the people will listen, because the almighty has not created us with empty minds.”

This religious authority included: “Just like a child listening to his mother’s voice, it is in nature of men to pay attention to world’s truths and words of prophets in this regard, and we just have to distribute them.”

He referred to teachings of Islam which asks us not to go astray, nor block anyone’s passageway, but rather make our best efforts to prevail in this space, and said: “It is no great feat just to, as they say, keep ourselves safe from harm in virtual space; rather, we have to prevail, and distribute our intended teachings.”

In another part of his discourse, Ayatollah Javadi Amolli asserted that: “These leaders of Saudi Arabia, who call themselves “Servants of the Prophet’s Shrine” today, used to be called ‘Pride of the Land”; these are the same people who today attack the oppressed Shiite nation of Yemen, since they think death is the very end; and if we have believed that death is not the end of everything, our best efforts would be in direction of finding out what would become of us in the eternal life.”

At the conclusion of his words, the esteemed clergyman referred to the report presented by The ICT Minister in regard to the increase in the internet bandwidth of Qom province, saying that: “Increase your pace, and direct this administration toward progress by your religious arts and skills; transform virtual space to truth and dominate it.”

Dr. Vaezi, in his turn, expressed that: “In my previous meeting with your Excellency, which took place last year, you highlighted the topic of distributing religious teachings through virtual space, a subject we have pursued and have also put on our agenda.”

The Minister of ICT referred to the establishment of a special committee for following up this decree, and added: “Qom province was chosen as the model city; and the weekly meetings of the committee were held regularly, with different specialized sections carrying out their own tasks.”

Expressing that ICT Ministry has a constant connection with the Islamic religious schools and other religious centers, he stressed that: “All sections related to this topic have been utilized.”

Vaezi pointed out the necessity of following the guidance of prominent clergymen and religious leaders within the operational field of ICT Ministry, stating that: “This trend has been with us for a long time now, and it is going to be continued.”


Also in another meeting, esteemed religious leader, Ayatollah Sobhani, stressed on the importance of scientific growth and development in parallel with purification, stating that: “Professional conscience must be top priority in every activity.”

Underscoring the importance of Human Sciences, he continued that: “It is necessary that university courses should be based on the needs and requirements of the society.”

Ayatollah Sobhani continued by saying that: “Goods and products are representatives of the culture of a society, and thus Iranian products must be representatives of Iranian culture.

He included that progress in the field of IT is a necessity, and said: “We have to study the treats projected by these technologies and try to neutralize them.”

Ayatollah Sobhani stressed on the importance of spreading Islamic Culture in virtual space and included that: “The operation and activity of anti-religion websites is not approved and no such website should be up and running in this administration and regime.”

In this meeting, Dr. Vaezi described the opportunities and threats of virtual space, also presenting a progress report regarding communication projects in the province.

He stated that: “The worries and concerns of Iranian families and Iranian people are important for us and we have programs in place for their solution.”



May 6, 2015 08:45


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