Dr. Larijani: Information & Communication Technology should be used as a Soft Power

Dr. Larijani: Information & Communication Technology should be used as a Soft Power
Dr. Larijani, Chairman of the Islamic Parliament of Iran, stated in the sideline of visiting the Broadband Services Achievements Exhibition: “World powers are using soft power to secure their objectives, something we should be more attentive of.”

According to the ICT’s Public Relations department, Dr. Larijani thanked Dr. Vaezi and his colleagues for understanding the role and position of communications, including that: “Since our country is in a transition period, certain concerns emerge in the development area, which is quite natural.”

Underscoring certain development elements in nations and administrations, Larijani stated that: “In the past, it was things such as printing industry or the invention of writing which influenced the behavior of governments and regimes, but today communication and information technology has stepped into this role.”

He included: “Communication and information technology has also changed the role and meaning of security.”

The Chairman of the Parliament highlighted the importance of understanding the new conditions caused by communication and information technology and stated that: “Today, those countries in the region who understood these conditions, bestowing importance and priority to this field, have achieved higher levels of development, since communication and information technology is the driving force of development in the country.”

He included: “We have to pay more attention to this field in Iran, and prioritize it.”

Dr. Larijani pointed out the life expectancy of science and said: “Contemporary sciences last one or two years, getting outdated quickly; we need science for our development and in order to obtain it, we need to provide the necessary infrastructure.”

He also underscored communication and information technology as the stepping stone facilitating access to various sciences.

The Chairman counted the establishment of the National Information Network and the e-Government as subjects emphasized by his Excellency, the Supreme Leader, and also the Islamic Parliament of Iran, saying that: “We have to make every effort for their nationwide implementation.”

Larijani counted information security as another major concern, saying: “We have to provide security for the field of IT so that it won’t be harmed by any threat from enemies and detractors.”

The Chairman concluded his statements by referring to utilization of soft measures by world powers to achieve their objectives, saying that: “Nowadays some major countries utilize communication and information technology as a soft power and instrument for domination of other countries; something we should be more attentive of.”


May 5, 2015 08:07


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