Minister of ICT: Smart Post, Ensures Progressive Development of Postal Services in Iran

Minister of ICT:  Smart Post, Ensures Progressive Development of Postal Services in Iran
Stating that the Post Company holds great capacity for growth and development, Dr. Vaezi said: “Utilizing communication and information technology services is necessary for development of postal services in Iran.”

According to Public Relation and Information Center of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Dr. Mahmoud Vaezi, attending “The Post Managers Nationwide Conference” announced 2015-2016 as an important year for the country’s postal services, saying that: “The sixth 5-year development plan asserts the growth of the post sector.”

The Minister of ICT underlined the necessity of striving for commercial development and prosperity in the Post Company, and said: “Through endeavors of the past year, the Post Company has managed to compensate 300 billion of accumulated losses, and it is expected that this process will be accelerated through organizational measures of the Post Company.”

Mahmoud Vaezi underscored his ministry as one of the key sectors of the country, which should heed the realization of the moto promoted by His Excellency, the Supreme Leader, through cooperation between the administration and the people, and continued by saying, “Therefore, we are making every effort to fulfill the demands and expectations of the people and the state from the Post Company.”

Counting 2015-2016 as an important year for the Iranian Post Company, he said: “Now that this company has successfully managed to solve its financial problems, we can witness new postal developments in this sector by employing new measures.”

The Minister of ICT further elaborated by stating that the Post Company, because of the very nature of its services, enjoys a direct connection to people, and said: “We can benefit from this method in promoting the commercial objectives of the Post Company by presenting and introducing postal services and facilities to all Iranian people.”

Vaezi highlighted “Smart Post” as the first priority of Iranian Post Company, stating that: “The Company can further develop its services by utilizing information technologies, and initiation of a new postal network.”

He also maintained that Post services hold great capacity for growth and further progress by saying: “The Post Company in 2014-2015 shows an income of 6 trillion Rials, a figure which can be increased tenfold in a very short time.”

The ICT Minister, while requesting the Islamic Iranian Parliament to hasten the approval of Post Company’s statute, said that: “If this stage is taken care of, we shall witness the inception of a major development in the Post Company, resulting in the issuance of the permit for the second operator of postal services.”

He maintained that the arrival of Post Company’s second operator will result in strengthening and progressive development of the Post and postal services in Iran, and concluded that: “Supporting the private sector has always been among our top agenda; we don’t consider the private sector as a rival contestant but as a colleague, helping us in the efforts aimed at development of the Post Company.”


May 1, 2015 17:45


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