Seyed Mohammad Hosein Eslami was born in Tehran in 1933 . After the secondary education, he studied in the Post School affiliated to P.T.T Ministry where he received  his Diploma in mathematics .
He left for West Germany to continue his studies in Electronics and Communications until 1964 when he returned and worked with the Ministry of P.T.T.
Dr. Eslami has some articles on Technical and Communications  issues.
He worked as the Minister of P.T.T in the transitional  government.
Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Ghandi was born in 1944 in Tehran . He successfully completed his secondary education and then was graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Tehran University in 1966. Shahid Ghandi left for the United State of America for continuation of his studies and managed to receive his Ph.D. in Electronics  in 1971. After returning to Iran , he started teaching at the Technical College of Tehran University and Telecommunications College .
He was appointed the dean of the Telecommunication Collage and then the Minister of PTT.
On 28.6.1981 , he and 72 other officials were martyred at the Islamic Republic Party Central Office as a result of a terrorist attack .
Seyed Morteza Nabavi was born in Qazvin in 1947. After the primary education in Qazvin , he was admitted to the Technical College of Tehran University in 1966 and managed to receive his M.Sc. degree  in Electronics.
He was appointed the Financial – Administrative Deputy of the Telecommunications Company of Iran  in 1980 and then the Minister of P.T.T.
Seyed Mohammad Gharazi was born in Isfahan in 1941 .He was admitted to the Technical College of Tehran University in 1961 and received his M.Sc. degree in Electronics.
He left for France to pass specialty course on transmission and distribution of electrical power.
He served in the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps and Kurdistan and Khuzestan Provinces as the governor general.
In 1981 he was appointed as the Minister of Petroleum and from 1985 to 1997 as the
Minister of P.T.T.
Dr. Mohammad Reza Aref was born in Yazd in 1951 . After winning the first degree at mathematics in 1969 and getting diploma in this course, he entered Technical college of Tehran University in 1970 .
He left for the United States of America to continue his studies by taking advantage of  Isfahan University of Technology scholarship, and in 1976 successfully got his M.Sc. in Communications and then  his Ph.D. in Electronics from Stanford University in 1980 .
He has served in different positions at the Telecommunications Company of Iran, Ministry of Culture and Higher Education and Tehran University and from 1997 to 2000 he was the Minister of P.T.T.

Seyed Ahmad Motamedi was born in 1953 in Tehran . He was graduated  in Electronic Engineering from Amir Kabir University of Technology  in 1978 (B.Sc). He left for Paris as an outstanding student to continue his studies and received his  M.Sc. degree  in Computer Hardware and Ph.D. in Information Systems from the university of Pierre & Marie Curie ( Paris ). 
Among his executive background are the Deputy Minister of Science, Research & Technology in research affairs and also the Chairman of the Industrial and Scientific Research Organization since 1986. He was also the Research Deputy of Sciences, Researches & Technology Ministry and Secretary of the Iranian Scientific Research Council from 1986 to1993 and since 1983, he has been professor of Amir Kabir University . In 1997 he was appointed the manager of the Self-Sufficiency Committee, which was established by the order of Dr Aref with membership of some managers and deputies of the ICT Ministry and also Scientific and Industrial Research Organization .
Dr.Mohammad Soleimani was born in 1954 in Fars province and  received his Ph.D. in Telecommunications  in the field of High Frequency Electronics  at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris .
After coming back to the country he has served  in many executive and research positions including :
Student Deputy of Culture and Higher Education Ministry (Currently known as Ministry of Science, Research and Technology); Head of Iran Research Organization for Science and Technology  (after a period as research deputy of that organization), Head of Iran University of Science and Technology, Head of Center for Advanced Electronics Research Center (in Iran Electronics Industries); Technology Director for Space Systems  in Iran Telecommunication Industries.ُ
Also in education and research areas he was Research Deputy of Iran University of Science and Technology; Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology, Telecommunication group Manager in Iran University of Science and Technology and professor of the university.
He has written 102 scientific articles and many different B.Sc. and M.Sc. projects have been  conducted under his supervision and management. Soleimani was in charge of designing 24  national and important research projects such as "Designing and Construction of Small Satellite and Zohreh Satellite "Prospect Study  of Space Organization ""Building the RF Switch " and in two projects "Radar Coverage" and "  Different Radars " he has been working as consultant and supervisor .
About 14 written and translated books and 8 articles have been published by him and his 15th book with the title of "Designing and Analysis of Active and Passive Antennas"  is under publication.
Dr. Mohammad Soleimani is currently teaching 10 M.S. and Ph.D. courses in Iran ِ University of Science and Technology.
He is married with 3 children.
In 1994 Dr.Soleimani was privileged as outstanding  professor of Iran university of science and Technology ; in 1995 the country"s outstanding professor, (in national level); in 2000 he was elected outstanding researcher of Iran University of Science and Technology; in 2004 outstanding researcher of Salman-e Farsi Festival and he has also .received letter of appreciation for writing his book