Vaezi, Çavuşoğlu, Discuss Relations

Vaezi, Çavuşoğlu, Discuss Relations
The Minister of Communication and Information Technology has met with Çavuşoğlu, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, at the sideline of the 25th session of Iran-Turkey’s Joint Economic Cooperation Commission.

According to ICT’s PR department, this afternoon, following the visits and meetings of Dr. Vaezi at the sidelines of Iran-Turkey’s Joint Economic Cooperation Commission, he had a meeting with Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey.

In this meeting, Dr. Vaezi presented aspects of economic and commercial relations between the two countries, plus the commencement of the 25th session of Iran-Turkey Joint Economic Cooperation Commission with the presence of large delegations of public and private sector officials.

Dr. Vaezi stated in this meeting that: “Following the visit of the Turkish Prime-Minister to Tehran, and also the meeting between the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, and based on the current requirements and necessities of Iran and Turkey, a whole new chapter has opened up for pursuing the expansion in bilateral relations from the very onset of the new government in Tehran, where we have to do our best to make an optimum use of the existing capacities.”

Dr. Vaezi also referred to the ongoing tensions and crisis in the region, including Syria, Yemen and Karabakh, adding that: “Our two countries can have a positive and constructive role to play for bringing peace and stability to the region, and without doubt, Iran and Turkey’s role in this regard is undeniable.”

The Turkish Foreign Minister also expressed in this meeting that: “We are pleased with this new development in our bilateral relations and it would also please us to be hosts to Dr. Rouhani for the holding of the Islamic Conference in Istanbul and official bilateral meetings in Ankara.”

He emphasized that: “We expect to arrange everything for the visit of Iran’s President and also the preparation of the documents to be exchanged between our two countries.”

He also commented on the bilateral relations, saying that: “Regional tensions should not affect our bilateral relations in any way, and we can remain true to our different viewpoints while staying responsive to changes in level of relations.”

Çavuşoğlu expressed optimism that: “The regional differences between major countries would be over soon and the World of Islam can mediate to solve differences considering the undeniable role of Iran; and Turkey is fully prepared to play it’s part in this direction.”

He also stated that: “We are currently planning for the Islamic Conference session in Istanbul which is symbolic of justice, peace, and cooperation based on the objectives of the organization.”

He commented on the level of Iran-Turkey relations, saying that: “Surely the level of our relations and cooperation are not what it should be, we have to compensate mutually by building confidence and trust.”

The Turkish Foreign Minister emphasized that: “The objective for our relationship should be a win-win approach, where the interests of both parties are realized, and the peace and stability in the region benefit from Iran-Turkey collaborations.”

Apr 16, 2016 13:42


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