High Council of IT

According to the article (4) of the Bill of duties and responsibilities and renaming the Ministry of ICT, High Council of IT has been affirmed:

1.    Codifying the massive aims and strategic development of IT in the country,
2.    Policy making and codifying the necessary strategies for developing the usage of IT in different fields such as social, economical and cultural,
3.    Foreseeing and codifying IT comprehensive system of the country and determining the tasks of different units in it,
4.    Codifying the necessary rules, regulations and criteria for IT area,
5.    Codifying international cooperation plans in IT area,

This council has been organized by using the human resource and facilities of the management office and equipping the information resources of the ministry, and in the frame of general policies in the system of the country, and under the plan of developing the different units.

Statute of High Council of IT
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